SheSaid’s Best-Ever Beauty Tips

November 22, 2011

We compiled our best-ever beauty tips from SheSaid readers’ must-haves to our editor’s favourite hair, skin and makeup secrets!

Two-for-one makeup

My favourite blush…is actually a lipstick! I use Bobbi Brown’s Lip Color in Rose on my lips for a polished, pinky-nude shade, and smudge a little on the apples of my cheeks for the most perfect glow-from-within blush. Saves space in my handbag too! SheSaid Editor Julia

Egg white facial

Egg whites on the face make an instant face lift. A great idea for leftover egg whites, just whisk 1 egg white and brush over the face in an upwards motion. Let dry for 10 minutes, then rinse off with a face cloth and warm water. Lisa, South Coogee

Don’t pick!

Whatever you do, resist the urge to pick and squeeze pimples. It causes skin blemishes and capillaries to break. Desiree, North Epping

Bronzer is your friend

Rimmel bronzer is amazing, otherwise I would look like I’ve been indoors all my life! Natalie, Mount Cotton

DIY body scrub

Combine olive oil and sugar and scrub all over the body to exfoliate. Johannah, Euroa

What stretch marks?

Palmer’s Cocoa body moisturiser was my savour thoughout my pregnancy, i used it twice a day and didn’t get any strecth marks! Samantha, Carins

Blackheads, be gone!

To loosen stubborn blackheads, steam face over a bowl of boiling water, gently exfoliate with gloves then splash with cold to constrict the pores. Yenta, Darlington

Applying moisturiser and primer

I picked up this tip from UK makeup artist Lisa Eldridge: apply moisturiser and primer in one movement all over the face, instead of rubbing it in. This creates a matrix over the skin which allows your foundation to sit smoothly, creating an airbrushed look. SheSaid Editor Julia

Post-wax relief

After waxing use emu oil over that sensitive spot. It takes the stickyness away and is soothing! Katrina, Glengowrie

You love your ghd!

Shh, don’t tell but it’s my daughter’s GHD, So fast, so sleek, so slinky. Gives my frizzy hair, That just-been-to-the salon flair. Kym, Ballina

Nana knows best

My Grandma is 86 and still has amazing skin. She says she splashes cold water on her face and neck twice a day. Tanja, Mount Hawthorn

Like you just stepped out of a salon

VO5 for my damaged hair. Keeps it looking great, without the expense of going to a salon. Yervette, Ryde

Sweet as…

My favourite beauty product is actually organic honey. It’s the best facial cleanser I’ve ever used because it leaves my skin feeling silky and soft. Ashleigh, Boolaroo

Nourished nails

Massage vitamin E cream or oil into base of fingernails to help enrich them to grow longer, stronger and keep hang nails at bay. Danielle, Molendinar

Cellulite buster

My fave beauty product is a dry bodybrush! Five minutes of dry bodybrushing each day rids cellulite, increases circulation and makes me glow! Kim, Kew

No more panda eyes

No matter how tired you are at the end of the night, ALWAYS take your make up off! Your skin will thank you for it! Shelley, Wayville

And the number 1 tip…

Sunscreen everywhere, all the time. I’d rather be pale than look like a leather handbag! Stephanie, South Yarra

What beauty tip did we leave off?

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