Short term reunion for Nic and Tom

June 29, 2004

Short term reunion for Nic and Tom

In happier times, Nic and Tom
Former Hollywood power couple Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise have decided to put their differences aside for the happiness of their children. No, they?re not getting back together (well not permanently anyway). The pair have decided to spend the summer together with their children 11-year-old Isabella and 9-year-old Conor. Sources have revealed that the stars have decided to take two months from their busy schedules to holiday in Sydney. The Hollywood stars, who divorced in 2001, are reportedly closer than ever after Kidman broke up with singer Lenny Kravitz and Cruise split from Vanilla Sky co-star Penelope Cruz earlier this year. Rumour has it the kids are hoping for a permanent reunion.

Hmm…should she take the money and run?
Should Nicole take on Wicked Witch?
Meanwhile, Nicole is considering a pay cheque of around AUD$150 million for her latest project, and she wouldn?t even have to appear on screen. She has been offered a part in the animated Disney version of The Chronicles of Narnia. She would play the role of the White Witch in the CS Lewis classic. The first film, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe is due to be released in cinemas next Christmas. Despite the mega pay package, Nicole is reluctant as it would require signing on for all seven films in the series.

Twice married at 22
Oops she does it again!
At the age of 22, pop princess Britney Spears is set to walk down the aisle for a second time. Her record company, Jive Records, has confirmed that the former Mouseketeer is definitely engaged to dancer boyfriend Kevin Federline and although they?re saying the pair haven?t yet set a date, America?s Star Magazine have reported that Britney is planning on 20th November this year. There will be roughly 200 guests and 5 bridesmaids and 5 groomsmen. 26-year-old Kevin has performed in the movie You Got Served and coincidentally has been a back up dancer for Britney?s former flame, Justin Timberlake. He left his pregnant girlfriend, actress Shar Jacksons of TV?s Moesha, and their two-year-old daughter Kori earlier in the year. Let?s just hope this marriage lasts a little longer than Britney?s now annulled Las Vegas nuptials with childhood friend Jason Alexander.

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