Sienna and Jude’s wedding off?

April 5, 2005

Sienna and Jude’s wedding off?

Jude Law
Sienna Miller is reportedly looking very seriously at whether she wants a future with Jude Law. According to the UK Sun, the 23-year-old has put their wedding on hold, saying she needs some time to think. According to a source, “Jude is desperate to set a date for the wedding but Sienna is telling pals she needs more time… Jude is becoming very disapproving of her partying while he’s away.? The pair will meet up this week to discuss their options when Jude returns home from filming All The Kings Men in New Orleans. Meanwhile, Jude?s divorce proceedings with Sadie Frost seems to have picked up. The latest news is that their planning on taking a summer holiday together. Sadie told the UK Daily Mirror, ?We were very happy for 10 years. We are still best friends and talk all the time, in fact we are taking all the kids to Center Parcs soon – I can’t wait.” Ooh!

We’re as shocked as Kate to hear she’s a good singer!
Kate Moss crooning
Kate Moss will be treating us to her vocal talents on her boyfriend Pete Docherty?s new single. She sung the vocals while Pete?s band, Babyshambles, recorded their new album and apparently Pete was seriously impressed with her talents. “Kate’s been spending a lot of time in the studio. She’s done some backing vocals on the potential single F**k Forever.” A source said. The new single will be out later this year and we?ll all get to decide whether the party hard catwalk model can give up her day job.

Katie Holmes pashing Josh Hartnett??
Short bites…
Katie Holmes has been spied pashing Josh Hartnett in New York. The former fianc?e of Chris Klein and the Pearl Harbour star have been friends for a long time and friends scoff at rumours of their canoodling. “They have been friends for a long time, so it wouldn’t be romantic kissing. Perhaps it was a friendly peck.” Uh huh? how many ?friendly pecks? involve tongue?… Drew Barrymore is reportedly shocked that American Vogue wanted her for their latest cover. “I’m so excited! You don’t understand: I’m five foot, four inches – and I eat macaroni and cheese.”

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Win a holiday to Bali