Sienna and Sadie’s clash

May 31, 2005

Sienna and Sadie’s clash

Sadie’s not happy with Sienna
Jude Law?s ex Sadie Frost and his fianc? Sienna Miller are believed to be at tenterhooks. The source of the tension is not to do with the estranged marriage but with Sienna?s attempts to win over Jude?s children. According to the UK Sunday Mirror, Sadie is frustrated that Sienna is constantly showering eight-year-old Rafferty, four-year-old Iris and two-year-old Rudy with expensive gifts. According to a friend, “In many ways Sienna’s just acting like any step-mum would. She wants the kids to accept her and like her so does her best to treat them. Sadie accepts that and realises it’s a pretty natural thing to do. But she has been getting a bit frustrated with it all – especially when it comes to Rafferty… Sadie wants him to play musical instruments and enjoy reading and playing sport but Sienna has been buying him electronic gadgets. It can be annoying.”

Britney’s dumped pup
It seems the obsession with pint sized pooches may be over. Britney Spears and Geri Halliwell have started the trend of tiring of this latest fashion accessory: Geri says her dog Harry is “too high maintenance” and has got rid of him, while Britney has bent to pressure from her husband to get rid of her Chihuahua Lucky. According to a friend, “Kevin got so mad about Lucky biting his ankles that he told Britney the mutt had to go.” Meanwhile it seems Britney?s the one in the doghouse, according to her mum Lynn. Apparently Britney has been revealing a little too much about her sex life on her new reality television show Chaotic. Britney is seen kissing her husband, then turning to the camera and saying that sex with him is ?great?. Brit?s mum Lynne believes this blatant display is setting a bad example for her younger sister, Jamie-Lynn.

Just ask Justin?s mum
It seems it isn?t just Britney?s mum that wants to keep a strong involvement in her offspring?s life. Justin Timberlake?s mum is sick of reading hurtful stories about her son in the tabloids and is hoping to set the record straight. Lynne Timberlake is writing a new book telling her side of the story as Justin?s manager since his *NSync days. . “It will set the record straight. It hurts to read so many lies about him,” Lynne said of her forthcoming publication. Justin?s career seems to be blossoming under the management of his mother ? his latest role features him playing a gay man in sitcom Will and Grace. He will play the ?bad boy? boyfriend of Sean Hayes? character Jack in three episodes. Bosses won?t confirm his appearance, however, merely saying they have “some great guest stars” lined up for the 8th and final season of the popular show.

Nicole Kidman’s keeping her mouth shut

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