Sienna & Jude in reconciliation talks

August 9, 2005

Sienna & Jude in reconciliation talks

Sienna has a lot of thinking to do
Sienna Miller has already called off her engagement to philandering fianc? Jude Law, however their relationship may not be completely over. According to the UK Mirror, the couple spent the last few days discussing their options at their home in North London. One friend said, “There is still a glimmer of hope that it might work out but don’t hold your breath. Sienna is not ready to forgive him but is mature enough to realise they have to keep communication open.” All this amongst rumours that the 23-year-old is pregnant. According to US Star magazine, Sienna is in her early stages of pregnancy and before the news of the affair broke, the pair even discussed names for the child. Her reps haven?t commented, but one friend seemed surprised that people were talking, saying: “If she is pregnant, we don’t know about it.”

Pot shot
A paparazzi photographer staking out Britney Spears? Malibu pad got a bigger shot than he bargained for over the weekend. Brad Diaz was standing with a group of about 10 paparazzi waiting for some action at Britney?s baby shower when he was shot in the leg. He alleges the plastic pellet was shot from a BB gun and came from one of Britney?s minders. The police, however, maintain they don?t know who fired it. “It could’ve been somebody driving by, walking by, we have no idea where it came from,” said Lt Steve Smith. Diaz went to hospital after the incident however doctors said the pellet was embedded too deep into the leg to remove. Lt Smith seemed rather dismissive of the incident, saying of Mr Diaz?s injury, “If there’s anything below minor, that’s what the injury was.?

Kevin and the Chocolate Factory
Speaking of Britney, she and husband Kevin Federline are said to be in deep discussion over what to call their unborn baby. Britney is reportedly hoping to call the baby Charlie, after the character in Roald Dahl?s book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Kevin is a little more self indulgent with his name choice, friends saying, ?Kevin loves the idea of calling the child Kevin Jnr… but Britney has dug her heels in and loves the name Charlie. She feels Charlie is a great name for both sexes.” But will mum?s choice prevail? “Kevin is considering it after she talked him around,” adds the spy. “He says so long as their child is fit and healthy, the name-choosing comes in second place.” And just when you think they?re making a sensible decision, Britney ruins it by saying she wants to get a tattoo of the child?s name: ?I like the idea of the moment being captured forever”.

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