Sienna & Jude’s latest fight

October 18, 2005

Sienna & Jude’s latest fight

Sienna Miller and ex-fiance Jude Law after their recent second breakup. Apparently last week they caused a commotion in the Parisian Hotel Costes when Sienna stormed in and started screaming at Jude. According to onlookers, Sienna arrived for the reconciliatory date with her Alfie co-star with a “face like thunder.” She has heard that Jude had been out on the town with Salma Hayek and raged at the 32-year-old for fifteen minutes while he attempted to appease her before both lapsing into stormy silence. Eventually, Sienna dropped to her knees and Jude appeased her by saying “Don’t cry, please don’t cry.” They soon left stunned onlookers and headed for the elevator.

Katie?s beach wedding
Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise are reportedly hoping for a beach wedding in Mexico. They were planning on marrying at the Ritz Carlton in Cancun around Christmas time however now that Katie?s baby bump is showing, their arrangements have suddenly been postponed. According to a spokesperson, when they were planning their wedding, ?Katie didn’t know that she was pregnant, so their arrangements suddenly had to be scrapped. She didn’t realise she would show quite so quickly and she’s been getting stressed about the whole idea of walking down the aisle with a bump.” Friends are speculating how soon the wedding will be, as reportedly Tom is hoping the pair will be married when the baby is born. “Tom’s old fashioned,” an insider told the Daily Mirror. “He wants his child to be born in wedlock. He’s very romantic and wants everything to be in place before the birth.? Despite this speculation, Tom?s spokesperson says nothing has been set in stone yet. “We’ve heard the rumours, but no date has been set yet.?

Robbie has never been in love
Poor Robbie Williams. Despite being linked to a string of the world?s most beautiful women, he has admitted that he has never been in love. His flings include Rachel Hunter, Anna Friel and Nicole Appleton however when asked when he was last in love, he confessed: “I haven’t been. I’ve had a ‘want to be’. I’ve had a giant expectation. But I was 16. I wake up every morning with f***ing expectations. But I’ve never had a love in the sense that other people have experienced it. No one’s ever – and I don’t think it’s anybody’s fault other than mine – fallen in love with me that way.” He said originally the problem was his drinking problems, but he?s been sober for five years and hasn?t had a relationship for 6. On the other hand, he is glad he hasn?t entered a marriage as it might have failed. ?There’s a sense in which I want to pat myself on the back and say, ‘Well, f***ing hell, you got through your 20s without getting divorced. There are no single mothers running around with your babies and you have no lifetime attachments to people you hate’.”

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