Sienna speaks out

July 26, 2005

Sienna speaks out

What’s Sienna thinking under those dark glasses
Sienna Miller has finally spoken out about last week?s revelations that her fianc? Jude Law?s infidelities. After hearing of Jude?s cheating confessions, she missed one performance in her West End production of As You Like It, saying, “I decided I didn’t want to run the gauntlet, and everyone agreed. Now the theatre has extra security and I just want to keep my mind focused on my career. I am back hard at work. I am determined not to think of anything else.” The poor 23-year-old admits the ordeal has been tough on her. “I’ve had a pretty dreadful week, but I’m bearing up. I’m enjoying myself today and trying to get a bit of peace and quiet.” Apart from her one night off, her performances continued as usual and she even seemed to flaunt her ringless finger to reporters. ?It was quite odd,” an eyewitness tells the UK Daily Mail. “She looked as if she was thrusting her hand forward demonstratively to get the message across.” She was also seen over the weekend enjoying watching Prince Harry play at a Cartier sponsored polo match at Windsor, where she reunited with old flame Orlando Bloom. The pair was together briefly four years ago and according to onlookers, the sparks were definitely flying on the weekend. “They spent ages cuddling, kissing and gazing at each other. There was real chemistry,” one onlooker reported. Another guest added: “They talked for ages but Sienna jumped off his lap pretty sharpish as she could feel everyone staring at them. She gave him her number and they arranged to meet again, away from prying eyes. She then left with her friends but looked sad to be going. She kept turning around to say goodbye to him.” Ooh!

Sadie wants to give Sienna advice
Meanwhile Jude?s ex-wife Sadie Frost has said she feels ?very sorry? for Sienna and has “all sorts of advice” for her. She was attending a party in London with her boyfriend Jackson Scott, and said to reporters via the London Daily Mail, “I didn’t see this one coming. It was a total shock to everyone? I just want to say publicly that I feel for her. I feel very sorry for her. I think she is young and has a great career ahead of her – but I do feel very sorry for her. I have all sorts of advice for her but I do not want to go into that publicly. If she phones me I’ll have a long chat with her. I can only give her advice if she asks for it really. Otherwise, I have to stay out of it. This is something they really have to sort out together.” This was the first time she has spoken out over the ordeal and she seemed quite happy to be rid of Jude?s philandering ways. “This is not my crisis, thank God. My life has moved on,” the actress-turned-fashion designer points out. “I have my kids and my own life to live.”

Kate?s finally rid of Pete
Kate Moss has finally reached her threshold and has dumped her fianc? Pete Doherty. The final straw seemed to be his participation in a violent street brawl in which he fought a group of kids who called him a ?crackhead?. His behaviour reportedly made the supermodel rethink her future with Babyshambles singer and she has since asked him to leave her home in London. She told friends, “I still love Pete but can’t put up with his unpredictability anymore. I can’t go on spending every day and night worrying about Pete. He would disappear without a word and I would not hear from him for several days.”

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