Sienna’s good news

August 2, 2005

Sienna’s good news

Sienna Miller is certainly lapping up the good fortune. Earlier in the year she was cast aside for the role of Edie Sedgwick in the forthcoming Factory Girl as producers believed she wasn?t high profile enough. The role was instead offered to Katie Holmes. However in recent weeks, Sienna?s heartbreak over fianc? Jude Law?s infidelity has raised her profile so much that producers now believe her to be famous enough to take over the role. Not only that, they have offered her the leading role as the Queen of Sparta in the forthcoming 300 – a Warner Bros movie about the Battle of Thermopylae in 480 BC. One source told the UK?s Daily Mirror, ?This is not the way Sienna would have liked to have won the role of Edie Sedgwick or a big action role? but she is not going to kick a gift horse. Professionally speaking, being so badly treated by Jude is the best thing that’s happened to Sienna. She always wanted the part of Edie but she simply wasn’t famous enough in the States. Now she’s deemed A-list famous. American movie producers don’t ask too many questions about why everyone’s writing about you. If you’re in the papers you’ve made the grade… and they want you.”

Eva Longoria?s fashion blunder
Eva Longoria has apologised to Jennifer Aniston for wearing a t-shirt that said ?’I’ll have your baby, Brad.? The Desperate Housewives star was seen wearing the top shortly after the breakup of Jennifer and her husband Brad Pitt, as the t-shirt was quite the fashion item in LA at the time. At the time, she said, “I did it for a laugh. It was just something me and my girlfriends thought was funny. I never expected my picture to be in the magazines and newspapers all over the world.” Since the incident, she has realised her error in judgement and says wearing the shirt was inappropriate. “I do regret wearing it and I have written to Jennifer Aniston to express my sympathies over her marriage,” Eva told reporters.

Julia Roberts is back!
Julia Roberts will make her re-entry into the acting world on stage in a Broadway play. The mother of 8-month-old twins Phinnaeus and Hazel says she has never appeared in Broadway before but is looking forward to the challenge. “By the time I get there, I’ll be entirely apoplectic. But the terror is part of the excitement.” She will appear in a three person play called Three Days of Rain and her two male co-stars are yet to be confirmed. The play will begin next March and all actors will be playing children in the first half of the play, then their parents in the second half. “I love its complications,” said Julia. “I love the opportunity to get to play someone in contemporary times and then play the mother 30 years earlier.”

Size does matter according to Paris

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