Sienna’s standing ovation

June 28, 2005

Sienna’s standing ovation

Sienna Miller
Sienna Miller has quashed critics by receiving a standing ovation for her performance in the lead role of Shakespeare?s As You Like It. Her co-star Helen McCrory usually plays the role of Rosalind in the West End performance but fell ill last week. Sienna found out only four hours before going on stage that she was to perform the more demanding role of Rosalind rather than her usual part of cousin and best friend, Celia. She was modest when speaking to fans afterwards, “You must come back and see Helen in the role, she’s much better than me.” But one onlooker disagreed. “She was absolutely amazing. I swear I was crying by the end.”

Tom latest ramblings
Tom Cruise just doesn?t want to shut up. The latest one is his desire to have more children. When American People magazine asked whether he and Katie Holmes want to have children straight away, he replied with an emphatic ?yes?. He admitted that they ?would have to talk to our families about it” before making any definite decision. (Note to Tom: Let Katie know they want children.) He also has another request ? he wants his ex wife Nicole Kidman to attend his wedding to Katie, to set a good example to their children. According to a source, ?He wants her to be there to show the world they are on good terms. He also told her it would mean so much to their kids. Tom hasn’t set a date but he hinted it will be by the end of the year.” Meanwhile at the War of the Worlds premiere in New York last week, police were forced to check all microphones to ensure they were the correct implement and not water pistols as seen at the London premiere. What is the world coming to?

Won it by a nose
Speaking of Nicole Kidman, she won her role as Samantha in Bewitched all because of her nose. According to director Nora Ephron, Nicole?s nose bore an uncanny resemblance to Elizabeth Montgomery?s nose who played the role in the 1960?s television series. She told the Boston Herald, “I instantly thought the resemblance between Nicole’s nose and Elizabeth Montgomery’s nose was so perfect. I thought: ‘What a great idea to write a story about a character being cast in Bewitched solely for the resemblance her nose bears to Elizabeth Montgomery’s!'” The nose was all it took ? after Nora saw Nicole?s nose she said there were no other serious contenders for the part. To win a prize pack or tickets to Bewitched, click here

Damien Rice was never with Renee

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