14 Signs Your Friend Isn’t Actually A Real Friend At All

April 3, 2019

Because there’s no space in your life for fake bitches.

We all have that friend we’re a bit suss about.

They seem like a friend, but there are times when you just can’t shake the feeling they aren’t completely genuine, and something always feels a little bit off when you hang out.

It might even be getting more obvious lately. They always seem to be able to find subtle ways of cutting you down when you achieve good things in your life, or are conveniently only ever available to chat when it’s all about their dramas and issues.

Friends are too important to waste time on fake and toxic ones, so here are the signs to look out for which will identify a friend who is actually a wolf in sheep’s clothing…

1. It feels like the friendship is one-sided and you’re making all the effort.


2. It’s like they only call you as a last resort.


3. They make you feel really guilty if you can’t hang out with them.


4. And absolutely freak out if they find out you’re hanging out with different people occasionally.


5. You can’t ever just sit in comfortable silence.


6. They give backhand compliments to try to keep you down.


7. You don’t feel comfortable telling them your secrets.


8. They always break promises.


9. You only ever hang out with them in a group setting, and if you’re alone, it’s a bit awkward.


10. They’re always gossiping about other people – and chances are, they’re gossiping about you behind your back as well.


11. They expect you to drop everything for them, but don’t do the same for you.


12. You find it hard to truly be yourself when you’re around them.


13. They joke about your insecurities in front of people.


14. You doubt whether they’re a real friend more often than you feel happy around them.


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Comment: Have you ever found out you had a fake friend? 


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