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16 Signs You’re An Inappropriately Sexual Person, And Don’t Care

16 Signs You’re An Inappropriately Sexual Person, And Don’t Care

Inappropriately sexual person

Let’s talk about sex, baby. 

“I’m so horny,” I frustratingly exclaimed to my friend-with-benefits the other day when he wasn’t putting out.

“Of course you are,” he laughed back. “It’s a day of the week ending in ‘Y’.”

And he was absolutely right, I’m constantly turned on, ready to romp at a second’s notice. I relish in gossiping about my sexual adventures and love hearing every single lustful detail when my friends talk about theirs.

I’ll even admit that at times, I’m potentially overly sexual. While my work environment is a bit different to most and I can get away with showing my boss hilarious memes about fuckboy tendencies and roaring with laughter about them, not every situation is appropriate for talking about buying vibrators or bragging about my latest conquest.

But hey, I know who I am – an openly sexual woman with nothing to be ashamed of. Well, except maybe for those times my sex-crazed personality causes me to be a tad inappropriate. And if you’re also a very sexual person, you’ll know all too well that…

1. Your libido is absolutely insatiable.

sex_need it

2. Which may explain why you seem to find a way to work sex into almost every single conversation.

sex love dick

3. You find yourself thinking about sex all the time, even if you’re at work, on the commute, or at *gulp*, family gatherings.

sex thinking about

4. You’re the friend in your group who always makes sexual jokes and innuendos.

sex slutty person

5. And you’ve been told on more than one occasion that your choice of conversation is making people feel uncomfortable.

talk about sex

6. Your friends come to you for sex advice because you know your stuff when it comes to getting it on.

sex advice

7. You’ve probably been called a slut before, but you don’t care because you’re taking back the word. Who said women shouldn’t be sexual, anyway?

sex slut

8. You’ll openly talk about everything from your first anal experience to your kinks and fetishes – they’re nothing to be ashamed about!

sex no shame

9. You love being naked; sleeping naked, cleaning naked, chilling on the couch naked. The human body is a wonderful thing, mmiright?

sex being naked

10. You’re absolutely capable of having a friends-with-benefits arrangement without falling in love with the guy. Sex is just sex!

sex friends with benefits

11. You don’t believe in the concept of “too much information”. You give and want all the nasty details, all the time.

sex too much information

12. You’ll try most sexual things once because who knows, it might be the next thing you love!

sex try-sexual

13. You’ve come across your fair share of fuckboys, but you’re not too concerned because you’ve been a fuckgirl at times too.

sex fuckgirl

14. You love masturbating and will do it almost every day, and even with a partner.

sex masturbating

15. You get turned on very easily and are constantly looking for ways to channel your sexual frustration when you can’t scratch the itch.

sex horny

16. You’re a strong, sexy woman who knows what she wants sexually, and that’s something to be proud of.


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Comment: Are you an overly-sexual person, and proud of it? 

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