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Simple and Natural Tips on Getting Pregnant

Simple and Natural Tips on Getting Pregnant

Pregnancy has always gone hand in hand with old wives’ tales. They say you can determine the sex of your baby from the softness of your skin, your cravings for either sweet or salty foods, and some even claim your baby’s sex is revealed by the way you face during sleep. However, if you’re thinking of getting pregnant, there are some great natural tips to aid in the initial process—no silly remedies or potions in sight!

Ovulation schedule
Keeping an ovulation schedule allows you to know when you are most fertile and likely to get pregnant. Your ovaries release an egg about 10- 16 days before your next menstrual period (although this is dependant on the length of your individual cycle).  There are hundreds of online ovulation calculators or store-bought kits to determine when you are ovulating, but many women can simply recognise the bodily signs like sensitive breasts, pain in the lower abdomen, an increased libido and a change in discharge or spotting.

Because sperm can survive inside the reproductive tract for up to 5 days, it helps to start having sex a couple days before you are going to ovulate (always better to start too early than too late!).

Health and lifestyle
This may seem like common sense, but it’s important to remember your health plays a role in your pregnancy success. This goes for both women and men! Smoking and drinking are obviously off limits, but diet and weight are often forgotten as contributors. Ovulation is compromised when a woman is underweight and overweight.

Also, make sure to load up on greens like spinach and kale, as the folate found in these helps to prevent neural tube defects that occur in the early stages of a baby’s development. Drinking milk is obviously a great way to stock up on calcium, and eating red meat is particularly important for reducing iron-deficiency that is prevalent among women.

Remember to eat healthily and regularly. Your baby will skip breakfast if you skip breakfast!

Listen up, guys!
Pre-conception health isn’t just a concern for women—the ability to conceive is dependent on yours too! The quality of a man’s sperm is significantly diminished when he is overweight, and it also increases the likelihood of erectile dysfunction. Unfortunately there is also a problem with having too much sex. The quality of your sperm is unsustainable with ejaculations occurring too frequently.

Because testicles are usually at a slightly cooler temperature than the rest of your body, it is often advised that you avoid the sauna, excessively hot showers and switch from briefs to boxers.

Do you have any tips for women trying to get pregnant?

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