Simple Daily Detox

July 15, 2010

Simple Daily Detox

There are different ways to approach detoxing. Sometimes eliminating toxins one at a time is the easiest, most thorough and least overwhelming method. Here are seven steps to finding where your toxins may be hiding:

Personal care products

Check out what you are applying to your body each day via consumer information services such as Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep Cosmetic Safety Database. Throw away all that are suspicious and find a toxin-free range that works for you.

Household cleaning products

Look at the material safety data sheets (MSDS) on the products you use to clean your bathroom, kitchen and living spaces. Weed out any that are damaging. Seek out and adopt non-toxic cleaning solutions like eucalyptus oil and white vinegar.


Inform yourself of what the numbers on your food packets mean and if they are beneficial to your health. Avoid processed foods during your detox. Our bodies need and understand whole foods, not refined and processed ones. Pesticides on fruit and vegetables can be partially removed by soaking them in a bentonite clay bath. Bentonite clay attracts and absorbs some of the toxins used in conventional agriculture.

Clean up your air

Have lots of plants in your living environment. Ensure your house gets fresh air daily. Ideally, if you live in the city, go to a nature reserve to indulge in some fresh air. Avoid all products that list “fragrance” on them, as these are totally unregulated.

Source the purest water you can find

Filter water with a reliable quality filter; this includes drinking water and washing water. Water is a major ally during a detox. Every process in the body takes place in a water environment, so ensuring this is continuously refreshed is vitally important, even more so during detox.

Stop drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes and consuming drugs (of course, if on prescription drugs, discuss with your practitioner)

If you are a relatively heavy user of recreational and social drugs, this alone will stimulate a detox reaction. Stopping caffeine in coffee, tea and soft drinks can be a hurdle for many. Reduce intake in a stepwise method. Deduct one drink each day from your usual intake. Substitute with decaffeinated versions for a few days. With coffee, have half-roasted dandelion root and half coffee in a pot, slowly increasing the dandelion root and reducing the coffee, until you can stop altogether without the dreaded withdrawal headache.


Have a listen to what your internal commentary is and become aware of any toxic criticisms or reproaches you may be generating, either towards yourself or others. Nip them in the bud and express them with a healthier, constructive voice. Clearing these can create uncluttered spaciousness. Find some affirmations that are powerful for you, and read them during your detox program. The study of psychoneuroimmunology and endocrinology is proving that our thoughts affect our physical function more than we’d ever realised.

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