Simple Secrets to Success

January 10, 2006

Simple Secrets to Success

Most of us have set New Years Resolutions in the past with the best of intentions. Whether they are to quit smoking, do more exercise, enjoy our jobs more or be more attentive to our partners, they generally have one thing in common. We try but by soon we are back into our old habits and nothing has changed.

Shane Ellis has written The 7 Simple Secrets to Success which uses Neurolinguistic Programming to help achieve goals. It is about providing us with a set of skills to achieve our goals with the premise that changing how you think can change what you think. Through simple lessons you will discover how to function at your very best levels and work towards reaching your goals.

His 7 Secrets are:
1. Breathing
By learning to breathe more fully and with purpose you will be well on your way to living life more passionately and with purpose.
2. Hydration
75% of our body is made up of water so simply by learning to drink appropriate quantities of water daily we can function in ?success mode?.
3. Eating Habits
Learn to listen with your whole body to what you are eating to ascertain the right high-performance foods for you.
4. Grandstanding
Learn how to develop and maintain a posture that will motivate you to be in ?success mode?. Correct posture and a confident stature give you an air of success.
5. Educational Kinesiology Exercises
These simple and easy exercises are designed to switch on both hemispheres of the brain simultaneously. High-level brain functioning leads to high-level body functioning and therefore higher performance levels.
6. Actions for Success Plans
Actions for Success Plans take the process of goal setting to a higher level.
7. Switching off & cooling down
Learn how to simply and easily create a calming effect in your body through de-stressing and becoming relaxed which creates a greater balance in our life.

Australia’s Leading Hypnotherapists and NLP Trainers Laureli Blyth & Heidi Heron have a few more tips about turning your resolutions into a reality. They believe it is better to look at forming ‘Intentions’ rather than ‘Resolutions’ as an intention is a purpose or an anticipated outcome versus a resolution which is often based on deprivation, loss and lack. By making a simple adjustment and turning your resolutions into intentions puts the focus and attention on what you do want.

For instance: According to a recent survey, the top 5 New Years Resolutions are:
1. Get Fit
2. Lose Weight
3. Quit smoking
4. Quit drinking
5. Get out of debt

By stating them in this way your mind/brain has to focus on what you do not want and this adds to what you have to push through to achieve your resolution.

By re-stating this list as an Intention, focuses the inner and outer self on what you do want.

1. Be fit, in shape, flexible and strong, healthy
2. Be XXkgs by ___ (date) free, relaxed, in shape, healthy
3. Breathe fresh clean air, be free relaxed, natural and healthy, eat in moderation
4. Drink 2/4 liters of water daily, focused, clear, be active and free
5. Generate income that exceeds outgoings, prosperous, free

If you’re trying your best at your New Years’ Intentions, don’t forget to give yourself a pat on the back for the effort you’ve put in and reward yourself from time to time. Have a Happy New Year!!

The 7 Simple Secrets to Success is published by Success Imprinting. RRP – $19.99 ? Phone 1800 100 900 for stockist information.

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