Simple Summer Beauty Tips

November 23, 2014

Summer is the best time to simplify you skincare routine, and stick to the essentials.

Caking on the skincare and makeup will only clog your pores, not to mention the heat which will probably ruin your makeup to begin with! Apply some of these tips to your own routine this summer for best results.

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Lemon scrub

Give your skin a natural facelift by creating your very own lemon scrub. Mix equals parts of lemon and white sugar a mix until you have a fine paste. Apply directly onto your problem areas (avoid the eyes), then follow-up with a thick moisturiser to hydrate the skin.


Use a sunscreen every single day to avoid premature ageing and sun damage. Even though most foundations come with an SPF of 15+ it’s important to keep the rest of your body lathered up as well.


Use a mild cleanser which is light enough to use on your skin every single day. A formula which is too thick will only dry-out your skin, and cause unwanted bumps.


Keep your skin looking and feeling its best by using an exfoliator 1-2 times a week. An exfoliator is the perfect product if you want to get rid of dead skin cells, and create a fresh base for makeup. Remember to exfoliate afterwards!


Every night before bed, moisturise your entire body with a hydrating cream. If your skin is mostly sensitive, stick to a fragrance-free option which won’t cause irritability or inflamed pores.

Fake tan

If you like to fake tan on a weekly basis, it’s important to remove all remnants of your previous application. Use a homemade scrub of lemon, sugar, and baking soda to effectively  remove all fan take, and leave skin feeling silky smooth.

Tinted moisturiser

For minimum coverage on your face, use a tinted moisturiser which aims to even out your skin tone. This means that minor bumps and freckles will still show through – the ‘your skin but better’ look!


Apply a light oil serum on your skin a few nights a week to lock in the moisture and keep everything hydrated. This is a great option for dehydrated skin, and aims to keep dry patches away.

Lip tint

We all want to wear a bright lip every now and then, but sometimes matte lipstick is too much maintenance. Use a lip and cheek tint to bring some colour to your lips, and carefully apply a bit on your cheekbones to achieve that natural glow.

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