Simple Tips For Better Sex

September 27, 2014

Has your love life been a bit lacklustre lately? Perhaps it has nothing to do with your moves in the bedroom. No need to jump to threesomes, role playing or sex toys to spice up your sex life (yet). Sometimes, the answer is easier than you think. Here are some exercises you can practice on your own that will ultimately lead to more fulfilling sex.

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1. Breathe

Most people aren’t breathing correctly during sex. Remember, reaching orgasm and feeling sensation is all about blood flow. What helps your circulation? Oxygen! Just like during a workout, you need to breathe deep to get your blood pumping. It can also help improve your stamina and help relax your mind – and we all know relaxation is the key to great orgasms.

2. Workout

Good fitness and flexibility will optimize your sexual experience. Improve your stamina to continue for longer, lift your legs and stretch your back with ease, and up your strength to hold your (or maybe his) body weight. But it’s not only your legs, arms and core that could do with a workout. Have you been doing your kegel exercises?

3. Study

Get inspired by viewing or reading erotic films or literature. No, we’re not talking about porn. While pornography can help some people gather a sense of what terms them on, it must be remembered that, while porn scenarios are explicit and portrayed as real – they are, in fact, fake. The people are actors, their relations are fictional. Just because the people look like they are enjoying themselves, keep in mind that they are paid to look like that. You don’t have to enjoy what they enjoy, you don’t have to look like they look. Because of its visual potency and unrealistic representation of sex, porn can actually inhibit your ability to enjoy the real deal. Try expanding your points of sexual comparison by reading an erotic novel or seeing an arthouse film to free your imagination and get you in the mood.

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