Simple Ways To Help An Anxious Child

August 8, 2014

Stress from home, school and friends could have your child feeling anxious at the drop of a hat. Relieve them of their stress by having an open dialogue with your children, especially in an environment that they feel comfortable in. Kids can often bounce back from these feelings, so try and make them feel loved and cared for, regardless of how anxious they’re feeling.


Keeping children in a consistent school and home routine will help them take their mind off of things – if even for a little while. We’re not suggesting anything strict here, but a routine is fantastic because it gives children an idea of what to expect. This is a very comforting feeling, even though other problems could be worrying them.


Inform your child about any changes that could happen in their school or home life. If a new baby is on the way, try to engage the child as much as possible so they don’t feel left out. First-born children can often feel left out when a new baby comes along, so try and engage them as much as possible about any new changes which are coming about. This will help children to process the new situation, since they are aware of what to expect.


Encourage children to regularly talk about their feelings. If they’re old enough, get them to write down in a diary some things that are worrying them throughout the day, which occurred at school or even at home. This will allow both parties to understand what the child is currently going through, and keep the child in touch with their own emotions.


Whether it’s sports or even arts and crafts, make sure your child has an outlet to have fun and unwind after a difficult day. Team sports are great ways for children to stay active, make new friends and would also be part of their routine.

Model good behaviour

Monkey see, monkey do. If you’re constantly displaying unhealthy behaviour, your child is sure to follow. Show your kids how to take control in anxiety provoking scenarios, and this will no-doubt help them with their own.

How do you handle an anxious child?

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