Simple Ways To Stay Healthy in 2015

January 29, 2015
Simple Ways To Stay Healthy in 2015

With a new year, come a bunch of resolutions which will probably never see the light of day. If your resolution is to lose weight and keep fit, don’t let it fall through the cracks for another year.

Toning your body and losing a few extra kilograms certainly won’t happen overnight, but it will be worth it in the long term. Just think of how far you could come in a year from now? Incorporate a few of our tips into your daily routine, to create a happy, healthy life in the future.

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Substitute ingredients

You can still enjoy the occasional homemade pizza without compromising the delicious carb-filled taste. Substitute a few ingredients fatty ingredients for a healthier alternative, and your meal will taste better (and guilt-free!). This could mean anything from creating a low-calorie base made from cauliflower, to removing the cheese in favour for more crunchy vegetables. The choice is always yours!


Even if you don’t have the time to go to the gym, it is really important to get up and walk around. Instead of driving, catching the bus, or even grabbing a lift with a friend, walk to your next destination (of course if it is close enough). This could make a great impact, and think of all the money you could save on tickets.

Don’t buy junk food

Out of sight, out of mind really applies to some of us who love to pig-out on a regular basis. If the food isn’t in the house, then the craving pretty much goes away. This won’t always be the case, since you might find yourself driving to the closest supermarket for that block of chocolate, but it is definitely a start!

Frozen vegetables

Keep a few bags of frozen fruit and vegetables in the freezer as a back-up meal. This way, you always have something in the fridge which can last for months on end before it expires. You can create smoothies, juices, and even delicious soups from almost anything in the fridge.

Eat homemade

Processed foods are packed with extra ingredients which could be adding a few centimetres to your waistline. Where possible, eat homemade food as much as you can, and cook from scratch. Making your own tomato sauce instead of buying a pre-made jar could save you from so many hidden calories.

Drink less

Alcohol that is! Many women don’t often think about the invisible calories which almost all alcohol contains. Rather than choosing a vodka-lime-and-soda as a ‘healthier’ alternative, it’s better to just stick to a refreshing glass of water. You will thank us the morning after!

What are some of your tips to live healthier in 2015?

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