Simplifying Resolutions: Choose One Word For The Year

January 1, 2015
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With the New Year many of us are looking to bring something new into our lives, a change that will make us healthier and happier. Yet, we often go about it in the same old way. We set a resolution, we get excited about it, we might even stick with it for a few weeks and then we forget about it until the next year. If this is a cycle that’s been happening to you, do something different this time and choose just one word for the year. Here’s why:

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It gives you focus

One word instead of a bunch of (sometimes conflicting) resolutions is easy to remember and easy to use for every decision in your life. Struggling with a choice? Remember your word and choose what would be most in line with your theme. As easy as that.

It can’t be broken

The problem with resolutions is that once you break them, it can be all over. You see yourself as a failure and even if you bring yourself to start again, it’s not the same. It feels like you’ve wasted your effort, you’re starting from scratch and it’s just too much work. Unlike resolutions, your one word is not something you have to do to be successful. It’s your guide, your North Star. You know you’ll never fully reach it 100% of the time, but it’s there to show you the way.

It makes you happy

Resolutions are often associated with hard work, no wonder we don’t stick with them. Your one word, on the other hand, is a feeling or a quality you want in your life. When you say your word, your imagination will usually draw positive, uplifting images (if not, you need to change your word!) instead of struggle.

How to choose your one word

Imagine accomplishing your goals in the New Year. What got you here? What qualities does the future you have that helped you reach your goals? Write them down. Then ask yourself what feelings would you like to have more of in your life? Joy, love, peace, fulfillment? Add them to your list. Then pick the word that calls to you most.

Don’t worry that you’ll leave something important out, everything is interrelated. You will find that the other qualities and feelings from your list show up to support the one that you’ve chosen as your guide. To have fulfilment, often you must have courage. To feel more joy, you may have to allow more ease into your life. Plus you can always focus on something else next year.

Now, your turn. What word is calling to you to be your theme for 2015?

Image by jill111 via pixabay.com

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