Being Single and loving it!

August 6, 2002

Get On With It – learn stuff!

Savvy single Sue Ostler, author of solo-chick?s handbook Get On With It chatted with SheSaid about the joys of being single!Are you happily single at the moment?

Yes. It?s a work in progress. It?s something that I probably don?t get that much time to think about because I?m a person who, when I?m not working on my work outside of work, I?m doing the stuff I love ? it?s movies, it?s bands? I just recently did a scriptwriting course at AFTRS (Australian Film, Television and Radio School) a 6-week part-time thing. I?m always off to Melbourne to hang out with friends and stuff, I?ve got such a full life that it would never really occur to me to go out and try to meet someone. But inevitably, every time I do step out the door I meet someone!

It?s just amazing how many new friends and how many male friends you accumulate when you?re totally busy and active and interested and therefore interesting. Madonna?s motto is ?Be interested and become interesting? and I really agree with that.

What?s the best thing about being single?

I just reckon the sheer indulgence of it, the indulgence of getting the most out of your career potential, the indulgence of making your own financial decisions. But really the social thing is a huge one, because you can just indulge at your own whim. It doesn?t matter how ?on the nose? your interests are, you can do them until the cows come home. It doesn?t really matter if it?s doing stuff at home like daggy crafty stuff, which can be very soul nourishing or you have the time to do weekend seminars or weekend workshops because you don?t have anyone pining and wanting your time.

For me personally, part-time study is a big thing, and in my case, career ? having the time to develop a side career, which in my case was writing books. I wouldn?t have had the time if Mr Man was hanging around.

And what?s next for the ultimate single chick?

The third book in the series is about hanging on to the independence and the freedom and the guidelines that you cultivated while you were single and applying them to a relationship so that when Mr Right comes along, you don?t just throw it all in. It?s about getting some discipline with your time and your interests and treating it, not as ?Oh, I?m doing this now while I?m single? but as kind of a long-term investment in yourself.

It?s going to be called Get It On and it?s really for the girl that finds herself back involved, who has possibly lost her familiarity with romantic etiquette and isn?t quite sure how a relationship is going to fit in with her friends, with her hectic social life? How do you hold on to your own identity, your own independence, your own friends and make time for their friends?

To find out how, keep your eyes peeled for Get It On or check out Sue?s web site for more info about her books, Q & As and interesting facts about being single!

Get On With It is a smart, savvy guide to making the most of your time as a Singleton. Packed with interesting, thought-provoking and dare we say, life-changing stuff to help you on your path towards a balanced, independent and interesting life. Have a ball, make new friends, do stuff with your friends, family and most importantly, for yourself! Enjoy your self!

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