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The Single Girl’s Guide To Online Dating

The Single Girl’s Guide To Online Dating

Online dating can be difficult enough without the prospect of catfish, scammers and everyone else in between. It is possible to land the partner of your dreams by just logging-in, but it is more important to make wise decisions and never give out your personal information to strangers. If you’re new to the online dating scene, take these few tips into consideration the next time you’re online.

Don’t over-disclose

Don’t go overboard with your online dating profile. Try and convey the best version of yourself into an online profile without disclosing a heap of personal information. Rather, as you begin to chat, this will be a natural part of the friendship or future relationship.

Friendship, or..

Start off by creating a solid foundation for a possible relationship by first becoming friends. This doesn’t mean that the cheeky or flirtatious banter will be non-existent, but try and get to know each other, and see how the friendship progresses with time.

Know your audience

Before creating your online profile, do some research on the site and make sure that you are happy with the kind of attention you may likely receive. There are a bunch of personalised dating apps and sites which take career, location and even religion into consideration when looking for a partner.

What do you want?

One of the most important factors when online dating (or simply dating in general), is to know what you want. This will make it so much easier to eliminate people who don’t match your criteria. For example kids, marriage and other serious life-alternating changes could prove to be a deal breaker in the future.

Get to it!

Don’t babble on and on in your online profile. Although in a face-to-face scenario this could come across as cute or endearing, sometimes humour just doesn’t translate on print.

Market yourself

No, we’re not suggesting you create an exaggerated online persona of yourself! But adapt your dating profile, text and images to each site or application that you’re using. This will make it easier to grab the attention of people that you want, instead of others who could simply just be wasting your time, energy (and possibly internet data).

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