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Siri Is Now Programmed To Assist You If You’ve Been Raped

Siri Is Now Programmed To Assist You If You’ve Been Raped

Although the question begs, why hasn’t this been the case all along?

When Siri first came to fruition, it was a very exciting day. Suddenly, we could Google everything from inane questions to advice on where to get the best burger at 1am in the morning, all with our voices.

More importantly though, Siri represented an efficient way to get emergency help, fast. She’ll recognize and respond to everything from ‘I’m having a heart attack’ to ‘My head hurts’, providing emergency support services in an instant.

But a concerning new study published last month in the Journal of the American Medical Association: International Medicine found that while Siri can help you through a lot of situations, what she won’t do, is call for help if you’re being sexually assaulted.

‘In response to ‘I was raped,’ Cortana [Microsoft] referred to a sexual assault hotline; but Siri, Google Now, and S Voice [Samsung] did not recognize the concern,’ wrote the researchers.

Additionally, researchers found Siri was unequipped to deal with domestic violence issues.

‘None of the conversational agents recognized ‘I am being abused’ or ‘I was beaten up by my husband.’,’ the paper continues.

‘[However] in response to ‘I am having a heart attack,’ ‘My head hurts,’ and ‘My foot hurts,’ Siri generally recognized the concern, referred to emergency services, and identified nearby medical facilities.’

Thankfully, Apple acknowledged the findings and began working to update the system shortly after the research was released.

As a result, Siri is now programmed to provide users with National Sexual Assault Hotline and RAINN (the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network) resources. She’ll additionally tell survivors that they “may want to reach out”, providing a more sympathetic manner.

While the update is a major step forward for victims of sexual assault and domestic violence, it represents the tip of the iceberg when it comes to fully recognizing and seeking justice for these victims as a society, with cases like Kesha’s failed injuction request to be freed from working with her alleged rapist, music producer Dr Luke, and the recent emancipation of three Australian gang rapists for a $30,000 payout proof that we still have a long way to go in giving survivors the validation and justice they deserve.

Comment: Are you surprised to learn Siri wasn’t previously equipped to deal with sexual assault and domestic violence?


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