6 Very Strange But Effective Ways I’ve Picked Up Men

June 17, 2019

One involves licking the side of a stranger’s face in public.  

The thought of picking up a total stranger can cause sheer panic among some people.

Having someone reject you is never fun, but if you have your eye on someone, sometimes you just have to put your big-girl panties on and take a chance.

Although online dating apps like Tinder are popular these days, I love meeting men in person. I’m a bit of a date-a-holic who happily admits to going on 50 first dates in a year

This experience taught me a lot about dating, so I‘ll let you in on a tip: keep it simple, memorable and fun.

Although some might find my pickup attempts questionable, they’re 100 per cent roadtested by me. (It’s a hard job but someone’s got to do it.)

Do men really like self-confident women who initiate things? I find if you go about it the right way, the answer is a firm ‘yes’. 

Here are the six most random ways I’ve picked up men.

1. Offering him food

Out at dinner with a friend, a handsome stranger walked past and glanced at me with a smile. I looked up, holding a chip, and said “Would you like to join us for dinner?”. At first he looked a little puzzled, then sat down with his friend and we all shared a meal. A way to a man’s heart is definitely through his stomach.

2. Making him feel as though he’s terrible at his job

It was the middle of winter and I’d just finished a modeling job that involved me being covered in cooking oil and a fan blowing against me for five hours. This hard work deserved a beverage, so I walked into a bar and told the bartender exactly how I wanted my martini, and that if it wasn’t up to par I’d be sending it back. Don’t judge me – I was in a mood. I went in a few nights later with friends and he handed me his number and said not many women come in as demanding as me, and that he liked it.

3. Licking the side of his face as I walked past

I have alcohol to thank for this one. Post-breakup, I was out with friends in an attempt to mend a broken heart. After a few too many wines, an attractive man at the bar caught my eye. He was the kind of guy you couldn’t see yourself dating long term, but someone you could see taking you out for breakfast the next day after a fun sleepover. I walked up to him, licked him up the side of the face, winked and walked away. We ended up sharing pancakes the next morning.

4. Liking his friends’ photos on Facebook

I once found this gorgeous man on Instagram who ended up living in the same ‘hood as me. My friends told me to ask him out via direct message but I thought that might be too stalkerish. So instead I decide to search for him on Facebook and see what mutual friends we had. Being smart (or crazy – whatever), I began to heavily interact with them so I’d show up on his feed. One morning, I woke to find a Facebook message – it was him asking me out, with a remark about how many people we both knew. Funny that!

5. Insulting his drink choice

There’s a growing trend: martini-drinking men. I’m fine with a man who wants to drink a Grey Goose martini, but when he sips it through a straw I have an issue with it. This one was tall, dark, handsome and donning a martini with a straw – it just didn’t add up. While walking to the bathroom, I took a detour by his table to pay him a visit. I grabbed his drink, threw the straw over my shoulder and said “That’s better”. You wouldn’t believe how quickly he followed when I walked away.

6. By being mistaken for a callgirl

I once lived in a questionable suburb, with an escort service across from the entrance of my apartment. One evening, I’d gone out for a few drinks with a guy I’d met on Tinder. He’d walked me home and we were having a chat out the front of my place. Mid-conversation, a man walked up to us and asked what time I’d be finished. Looking puzzled, he told us he’d just go inside and make a booking there. My date immediately excused us and quickly walked us into my apartment. We stayed there together until the morning, just to be safe.

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