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Six secrets to a perfect night’s sleep!

Six secrets to a perfect night’s sleep!

Sleeping less than an owl on crack these days? You don’t have to wake up moody! We have the top tips and products to help you drift off faster.

Top tips for sleeping better:

– Exercise regularly. 30 minutes a day will be enough to help your body function better and in turn sleep better.

– Avoid caffeine (including chocolate) and alcohol before bed as they can interrupt your sleeping patterns.

– Get sunlight in the day so your body clock is on track and knows what time of the day it is.

– Even though it is cold you will sleep better in a ventilated room so make sure the air is moving and it is not too hot.

– Reserve your bed for sleeping. Try not to work or watch TV in bed as it keeps your mind too active.

– Don’t just put up with it. Sleep is as important as food and air so make sure you take steps to get your eight hours.

Top sleepy products:

Annabel Trends Hot Spot Water Bottles, $14.96

Hot water bottles can be your best friend if you suffer from a bad back, period pain, cramps or just sore muscles. Sitting at a desk all day does nothing for our back and neck so relax yours at night by putting some heat on it and you’ll soon fall asleep quicker and wake up more comfortable too! These hot water bottle covers are too cute to leave in the store! Call 07 5593 4755 for stockists or hit

Aura Haven Issey Coverlet, from $279

If neutrals help you drift off to dreamland quicker than this is your ideal bedding combo. Don’t think you need a new doona? You’d be surprised at what a difference it can make! Dust builds up in doonas after a while and they also lose their softness and warmth so make sure you invest in a new one every three years at least. Check out for more details.

Aura Luxe Manhattan bedding

If you like your bedroom to have a bit more pizzazz then the Luxe Manhattan bedding is for you. Contemporary and slick, this stunning design of Art Deco modern elegance is woven in luxury 650 thread count microfibre to create a super smooth and soft fabric. Prices start from $399 (Queen Quilt), $70 (Tailored pillowcase) and $80 (European pillowcase).
Check out for more details.

Awesome Eva Eye Mask, $14.95

Slip into something comfortable, put on some relaxing music and ease your cares away in the soothing darkness – safe in the knowledge that you may be taking it easy but still looking fabulous. Check out for stockists.

Sarong Gaia: Sleep Genie, $50

There is nowhere better than the bath and your warm snuggly bed during the colder months. Sleep Genie is a natural three-wish program to promote sleep, health and wellbeing without drugs or intrusive remedies and treatments. It uses long recognised sleep aromatherapy treatments of organic essential oils combined with the health-promoting minerals in Himalayan bath salts.

The three step program includes a Deep hydrating Himalayan Deep Sleep Bath Salts,$15, for a deep detox; Essential Deep Sleep Oil, $15, to calm anxiety, relieve agitation and induce feelings of peace and harmony; and a Deep Sleep Pillow Mist, $20, so you can drift off to sleep relaxed and wake rejuvenated! Great for jet lag and if you want to sleep the whole night through without sleeping tablets. Sarong Gaia Sleep Genie is available online

Sleep tea, $14.95

1. Put the kettle on to boil. 2. Warm your favourite teapot. 3. Add ½ to one tablespoon of tea for a good night’s sleep. 4. Pour in boiling water and allow it to rest for 5 minutes while you snuggle into your pyjamas and start reading your favourite bedtime book. 5. Pour Sleepy Tea and make a wish for tomorrow and happy dreaming …

Got any tips for a better night’s sleep? Share them with us now!

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