Skin saving tips for long flights!

November 5, 2009

Jetting off overseas for the Christmas holidays? Ensure you don’t arrive looking like a leather bag with these expert tips from Emma Hobson of the Dermal Institute.

SOS Tip #1 | Prep for Success

I know for myself, one of the ways to ‘save my skin’ is good preparation before I set off. This means, if possible visiting a skin therapist for a Vitamin A and Lactic Acid exfoliation treatment in conjunction with infusing a hydrating serum and a moisture rich masque. In addition to that, essential home care includes applying a hydrating booster each morning and apply on top of this a good spritz of toner and seal it all in with a moisture rich moisturiser. For the night a microfoliation before applying a vitamin concentrate, a vitamin eye cream, a super charged moisturiser and also very importantly a lip complex as the lips take a real bashing on a long flight.

In the week before the flight a couple of applications of a thermal exfoliation followed by a multivitamin masque and a hydrating eye masque and I also try to use a good hair treatment pack to protect my hair as well.

When shopping for onboard toiletries, everything has to be 100ml or less and try to purchase products that are designed especially to protect your skin against harsh environments.

SOS Tip #2 | Onboard

On a short flight you can get away with wearing make-up but on long haul your skin needs to be make-up free. Remember the average moisture hydration level in plane is only 10% and the way to save the skin is to keep the moisture levels as high as possible.

Ideally, just before you get on your flight you need to prep your skin (with the products mentioned below) but if you like to wear your make-up until seated then a good cleansing option would be once seated to slip out a travel size, tissue off cleanser and remove all traces of make-up including eyes and lipstick.

Now you have a clean skin on which you can build your layers of protection for the face and eye area:

Layer one: Apply either a hydrating spritz toner, choose one which contains an Anti-Ozonate Complex as it is designed to protect and reduce sensitivity and / or a hydrating booster (key ingredient to look for is Hylouronic Acid, it can hold 1,000 x’s it’s own weight in moisture).

Layer two: Spread an even layer of a lipid based multivitamin complex, this concentrated dose of Vitamin A, C, and E will defend the skin against environmental stress. Or if you have a very dry or an impaired barrier function, spread a layer of therapeutic balm which is designed to protect the skin from climate changes.

Layer three: Apply a silicone based moisturising gel that will form a protective barrier over the skin surface (including the eye area) helping prevent moisture loss.

The lips: Apply a long lasting therapeutic balm or reparative lip treatment every few hours especially after eating or drinking.

The hands: It’s not only your facial skin that dries out like a raisin, so do your hands and your nails. Apply and reapply a hydrating vitamin therapy hand cream. For the nails you can use some of the vitamin complex capsule you used for your face to protect the nails from splitting and on top of this and to lock in the moisture, apply a fine layer of the silicone based moisturising gel.

The teeth: I am not sure how many people realise that the teeth can often become more sensitive after a long flight because the moisture is also stripped from them. My dentist recommends using toothpastes designed for sensitive teeth for a few days prior and a week or two post the flight. Also be cautious of eating very hot and cold foods for a few days.

The temples and back of the neck: There are some great essential oil blends that are fabulous on the psyche as well as purifying the air (useful when you are breathing in everyone else’s germs for 20 hours). Blends may include Sandalwood, Eucalyptus, Juniper, Neroli, Lavender and Camomile which can be applied on the back of the neck or on the temples.
Throughout your flight to freshen the skin and supplement the moisture you can spritz with a fine mist of hydrating toner.

SOS Tip #3 | Post Flight

Even though exhausted, try to pop on your skin (even for 10 minutes) a multivitamin recovery masque, the healing and soothing properties will help restore the skin. Once removed, apply a hydrating booster, your hydrating spritz, vitamin eye cream and your super-charged moisturiser.
Whist you’re away don’t give your skin care routine a holiday by omitting it, remember it won’t be long before you have to hop back on the plane and fly home and no one enjoys looking like a raisin!
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