Common Habits That Ruin Your Skin

September 11, 2014

While we’re all guilty of a few nasty habits here and there, do you ever sit and think if they are damaging your skin for the long term? Regardless of your age and skin type, it’s always important to apply sunscreen every day (even when it’s cloudy out), drink plenty of water and of course use a night cream. Here are the habits that are compromising your crystal-clear skin.


Too much chlorine is just as bad for your skin as your hair. Make sure to shower straight after heading for a swim to the pool, since the chemicals will quickly break down and won’t cause too much long-term damage to your skin.

Remove your makeup, girl!

It goes without saying that sleeping with makeup is a definite no-no. Even if you’re feeling too lazy or tired to do a deep-cleanse before bed, use a micellar water to quickly (and gently) remove your face and eye makeup. Bonus – you don’t have to wash it off!


Too much face exfoliation could leave your skin feeling dry, scaly and even break out into infection. If you suffer from extremely sensitive or dry skin, it’s best to avoid products which are packed with dangerous microbeads. This will only break down the collagen in your face and leave your skin feeling dull and lifeless.

Rubbing your eyes

Constantly rubbing your eyes whilst on the computer will only cause puffiness and redness over time. The skin around the eyes is particularly fragile, and can tear extremely easily so make sure to use a heavy duty eye cream before bed.

Don’t over-treat

Squeaky clean skin doesn’t mean that your acne will simply just vanish into oblivion. This is a common mistake that most men and women make when they’re suffering from regular acne breakouts. It’s good to have a consistent night and morning routine which benefits your skin, but mostly importantly keeps it hydrated and moisturised.

Skipping meals

Did you know that skipping meals causes skin to dry-out faster and age at a rapid rate? Regularly snack on vitamin C, vitamin B3, vitamin E and vitamin A which will help your body from the inside out.

Hot showers

Now we’re not suggesting that you switch to cold showers, but limit the amount of time your body can handle under a scolding temperature. Showers which are too hot will often leave your skin feeling dry, itchy and red.


Apply an SPF on your skin whenever you’re heading outside for prolonged periods of time. The harsh UV lights found in the sun as well as tanning beds will only make your skin age so much faster. Stick to 100% natural fake tanning products if you want to keep a safe glow all year round.

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