Do Natural Makeup Products Actually Work?

July 13, 2014
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If you’re looking for a 12-hour mascara which requires no touching up but is also free from ingredients such as petrochemicals – you must be dreaming? Natural products are free from harmful chemicals which could cause terrible breakouts, block pores and even cause premature ageing, but this also means they won’t stick to the skin as well either. So how exactly do natural makeup products work, and what are they made from?

No dangerous chemicals

Natural makeup products are a popular alternative to conventional brands since they aren’t made with dangerous chemicals. Recently, chemical preservatives such as parabens and triclosans have been associated with cancer and the hormonal or endocrinal system which is directly linked to the circulatory system in the human body. If you want to go natural always read the ingredients on the label, and try to avoid parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde, toluene and fragrance.

Better for sensitive skin

If you suffer from regular breakouts or sensitive skin, making the switch to natural cosmetics seems like a no-brainer. Big brands pump their products full of ingredients which can irritate the skin, resulting in unwanted rashes and sensitivity. Synthetic preservatives are used so products have a longer shelf life, which ultimately has the ability to disrupt the skincare regime of some consumers.

Safe ingredients

Although natural makeup products usually have a reputation for not working as effectively as their big-brand counterparts, there are many up-and-coming cosmetic brands which are proving this theory wrong. Australian brand INIKA has one of the strictest ingredients criteria of any makeup company. Every single product in the natural cosmetic collection is certified organic or vegan, halal, and cruelty-free. Instead, natural ingredients such as aloe vera, calendula, tamanu oil and shea butter are just a few ingredients used in the natural cosmetic range. Not only is INIKA makeup 100% natural, but it’s used in various magazine editorials and is well known for its flawless coverage and long lasting wearability.

Where to buy natural makeup?


There are a number of different foundations which safe and chemical-free which won’t harm your skin. Pressed or loose powder foundations are simple and effective since they don’t require much product to conceal any imperfections, and they won’t clog your pores.

We recommend: Eco Minerals Flawless Mineral Foundation In A Jar, $33

Eye liner

A staple in everyone’s makeup kit, a black liquid liner is not only easy to apply but the staying power should be undefeated. Opt for a super-fine brush if you’re just starting out, since this will make it easier to achieve a signature cat-eye flick.

We recommend: Jane Iredale Liquid Liner, $21


An essential part of your everyday makeup routine, blush can instantly give the entire face a much needed pop of colour. Not only does a neutral/pink shade suit all skin types, but the light formula is highly pigmented and won’t require any additional touch-ups either.

We recommend: INIKA Mineral Blush – Rosy Glow, $45


Mascara is an absolute must-have since it works effectively to make eyes look wider and brighter with just a few applications. Simply curl your lashes before and after you apply mascara, to make them last longer.

We recommend: Josie Maran GOGO Natural Volume Argan Mascara, $22

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