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If You’ve Ever Had Skincare Woes, THESE Are The Products You Need

If You’ve Ever Had Skincare Woes, THESE Are The Products You Need

Read: these are the ones that actually work. 

Considering our skin is the largest organ in our bodies, we certainly don’t treat it with the respect and care it deserves. In fact, if we were babysitters and our skin was the kid, we’d probably end up fired with no hope of a future reference.

We’re constantly at war with our dermises; slathering them in cleansers, toners and moisturizers, scrubbing away at ourselves with exfoliating gloves and body scrubs (which are usually formulated with harmful microbeads), and unwittingly using makeup products filled with a plethora of dangerous chemicals and ingredients. In fact, the average woman wears over 500 chemicals on her face and body every day, all innocuously hidden away in our cosmetic, hair and skincare products.

But while we’re starting to care a hell of a lot more about what kinds of foods we put into our bodies, we haven’t quite gotten up to speed when it comes to our beauty regimes – which can contribute to everything from acne breakouts and rosacea flare-ups to endocrine and auto-immune disorders, if not kept in check.

The good news is, cleaning up your beauty drawer’s a hell of a lot easier and less exxy than cleaning up your bad diet. You just need to start with a few of the basics and do your research. Founder of natural beauty brand retailer Ziani Beauty, Emma de Ferranti, says it’s well worth the investment for the positive impact transitioning to natural products will have on your skin and overall health, too.

“Switching some of your skincare and beauty products to natural toxin free can do wonders for your skin and body. Some of the common preservatives and fillers in skincare and cosmetics can lead to skin irritation, dryness, sensitivity, breakouts, and many are even absorbed by the skin leading to long term damage to your endocrine system.”

But while that’s all well and good, the question begs: can a natural product really achieve the same results as we’re used to getting with the traditional stuff? We put six cult natural beauty buys that claim to address skin issues, protect against ageing and provide ultimate staying power to the test to find out…

1. The cleanser

The product: Indemne “Miss Ella Lotion”

The claim: This lotion is a cleanser, makeup remover and calming solution all-in-one, made with 100 per cent natural ingredients.

Our team review: “The “Miss Ella” lotion removed my makeup easily and comfortably; no scrubbing required. It smells fresh and pleasant, and most importantly, left my skin clean, calm and hydrated, which was very impressive, as I find most cleansers very drying.” Marine, Digital marketing associate

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2. The highlighter

The product: Kadalys Sublime Precious Oil

The claim: This oil uses the healing properties of green banana extracts to nourish, smooth and highlight the skin. It contains gold and copper particles to add radiance, and is multi-purpose, for use on both skin and hair.

Our team review: “This oil gave me some serious sparkle! I found that not only was it very nourishing for my skin and hair, but it gave me a really nice dewy aesthetic. Love this for illuminating my cheekbones and décolletage, so subtle and pretty.” Meg, Receptionist

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3. The soap

The product: Indemne “Moussaillon” Vegan Soap

The claim: This vegan hand and body soap sprinkle is enriched with essential oils to nourish skin at the same time as cleansing it, delivered in an innovative powder formula.

Our team review: “This soap is unlike any other product I’ve used before. Instead of coming in a bar or bottle, the cute tin is filled with millions of tiny soap ‘sprinkles’, which you pour onto your hands, wet with water and watch turn into a delightful soapy lather to use on your hands or body. The essential oils make it very moisturizing and the delicious, clean smell lasts for hours afterwards.” Kassi, Content producer

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4. The day cream 

The product: Kadalys Musalis Day Cream

The claim: This cream claims to prevent the early signs of ageing, using a combo of all-natural anti-wrinkle, detoxifying and energizing ingredients.

Our team review: “I’m always on the hunt for a good day cream, and one which claims to reduce the signs of ageing is a plus for me, now I’m in my late twenties. Unlike other day creams I’ve tried, it was surprisingly light and easily absorbed, leaving me with an instant glowiness. A week after use the area around my eyes definitely looks slightly plumped and more nourished.” Clare, Strategic account manager

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5. The concealer

The product: SLA Paris Special Corrective Pencil

The claim: This corrective pencil is designed to cover and correct blemishes, redness, broken blood vessels, dark circles and scars, and outline and define features like your waterline.

Our team review: “I love the coverage and precision level this pencil delivers. It has quite a narrow tip, so is best for use on small areas. I found it perfect for masking smaller blemishes and creating a crisper line around my lips pre-lippie application, and making my peepers look perky and awake by tracing it along my bottom eye waterline after a night out drinking Proseccos!” Jaana, Art director

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6. The primer 

The product: SLA Paris Make-up Studio Finish in “Tan Lumiere”

The claim: Designed to be applied before foundation, this primer boasts the ability to tighten pores, hide imperfections, and preserve makeup for as long as possible, with a subtle shimmer added, to lightly bronze and illuminate skin.

Our team review: “I’ve been after a good primer for a while, so was excited to try this. At first, I was skeptical, as I tend to steer away from anything bronzey, given my fairer complexion, but the primer actually gave my face a really nice glow and created the perfect base for my makeup, which stayed intact noticeably longer. I didn’t even need to touch it up after work as usual when I headed out to meet friends.” Kerri, Product manager

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