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Skip the Crowds, Get Your Christmas Shopping Done Early

Skip the Crowds, Get Your Christmas Shopping Done Early

Imagine getting all your shopping done in one afternoon, from the comfort of your couch!

Christmas Eve 2017 was the most stressful day of my life.

I woke up, packed my bags and loaded up my car to drive back to my hometown and spend the holidays with my family. The boot clicked shut and the keys were in the ignition when I realized I hadn’t bought any presents.

There is no stress akin to the shops at midday on Christmas Eve and I hate crowds.

I went into the mall with no plan and absolutely no idea what to get the fourteen people who would be present (pun intended) on Christmas morning.

My sister got an empty photo frame. My dad was gifted a book he never cracked open. I asked my brother to get my present for mom and I kid you not when I say she ended up with a massive bag of baking soda.

Worst Christmas ever.

Learn from my mistakes. Getting your Christmas shopping done early not only reduces stress but it also makes things easier on your wallet.

Effort is everything in the gift giving game which is where our friends at Gifts Australia come in.

They have stunning Christmas hampers full of goodies that your loved ones will actually enjoy and use. They’ve got you covered for every person you’ll need gifts for; your parents, siblings, BFF’s and even your boss.

That’s not even the best part; you won’t have to leave the house.

Imagine getting all your shopping done in one afternoon, from the comfort of your couch!

If you’re stumped for Christmas gifts and want to avoid the crowds, look no further. Welcome to your one-stop shop for Christmas shopping this year…

For Your Mom

My mom is my favorite person in this world without a doubt – which is why I always feel guilty for getting her a less-than-amazing gift for Christmas. To make it up to her for the baking soda mishap, I’m going all out this year and pampering her like she deserves.

Moms do so much for us, so it’s time for us to return the favour. What better way to treat her than with a luxurious spa pack or beauty bundle. Give her the gift of sweet skin care and goodies that will help her kick up her heels and relax.

This year when she says thank you, she’ll really mean it.

You can find gifts for the mother in your life here.

For Your Dad

Now, I don’t know about you but I never know what to get my dad. His interests lie in bird-watching and construction – two areas way outside my realm of expertise.

Not all dads are the same (and I don’t mean to generalize) but most fathers I know have a deep love for two things: beer and BBQ’s. I can almost guarantee that a hamper complete with beer, snacks and BBQ tools will satisfy the vast majority of fathers out there.

If that’s not your dad’s jam, never fear!

Whether your dad is a bookworm, a bird watcher or even a BBQ connoisseur, there is bound to be a hamper that he’ll love.

All hampers come with the bonus gift of eradicating the disappointed look on his face come Christmas morning when he finds you’ve got him (another) pair of socks.

Find gifts for your dad here.

For Your Sister


This year for Christmas get your sister something she’ll actually use.

Pay attention to her likes and interests over the next few months and get her a gift that shows you’ve been paying attention.

If you get her a good enough gift for Christmas, she might stop stealing your clothes. The stakes are high on this one!

Find great gifts for your sister here.

For Your Brother

Brothers exist for the sole purpose of making fun of them. Trust me.

Christmas doesn’t mean that the teasing is off-limits.

If you don’t know what to get your brother (or the brother figure in your life) novelty items are a fun way to brighten up Christmas morning.

Find gifts for your brother here.

For Your Teenager

Got a troublesome teen in your life?

We all know that teenagers can be as fussy as they are unpredictable – which makes buying gifts nearly impossible.

Don’t wait until Christmas Eve for this one

I’m going to let you in on a little secret – everyone loves a bit of fun in the sun (teens included).

Try going for something a little bit funky to prove that you can be just as cool as them.

Find gifts for the teenagers in your life here.

For Your In-Laws

The In-Laws can be a tricky bunch to shop for.

In my experience, it’s best to keep it simple and classy. Some nice champagne and gourmet snacks will melt even the stoniest of In-Law’s hearts.

Cracking open a bottle of wine after Christmas lunch is the perfect way to bond and cash in that quality time.

Find gifts for the In-Laws here.

For Your Boss

Got an office Kris-Kringle coming up? Did you end up with your boss?

Never fear. Your job doesn’t have to hang in the balance of a terrible gift.

Gifts Australia have you got you covered for your Secret Santa, with everything from candles to novelty items to give to your (least) favorite co-workers.

You can’t go wrong!

Note: these gifts also work for ‘kind-of’ friends or acquaintances. Best to keep a few on hand just in case.

Find gifts for your boss and co-workers here.

For Your BFF

Your gal pal works hard all year round so give her the gift of relaxation.

With close friends, I find it can be easy to just agree not to do presents but if you get in early, you won’t have to let your chums down!

It’s so simple to throw together a little spa day treat complete with skin care and snacks for your BFF to enjoy.

If you play your cards right, she might even share.

Find a gift for your BFF here.

For The Kids

Shopping for the kids can be harder than you might think, especially if they aren’t your own.

Opting for something fun is a way to ensure the children in your life will enjoy their Christmas morning (and will keep them quiet until lunchtime).

Kids love board games so give the gift of play this Chrissy – they’ll be happy that they didn’t wind up with something lame like a pair of socks or underpants.

You’re about to become the Queen of Christmas.

Find a gift for the kids here.

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