Slippers that tone your legs!

June 16, 2009

Just when you thought your ug boots couldn’t get any more awesome now they can tone your legs for you as well as keeping your tootsies warm!

The fitness and fashion gurus behind FitFlops – the thongs that tone your legs as you walk – have employed the same technology into their winter range of comfy boots. So say hello to Billows!

With double sided 16mm shearling built on bum-firming, muscle-loading, lower-back ache relieving, footpain mitigating microwobbleboard midsole the Billow already has hundreds of celebrity fans. And why is it called a Billow? Because it’s the closest thing to walking on a cloud. How nice is that?

Don’t let your feet roll around in unsupported slippers this winter, get your booties working for you! Just a few cool months in these beauties and you’ll be able to swap your trackies for shorts in summer and have gorgeous legs to boot!

Available in camel, mushroom, chocolate, pink and black and available from David Jones, Athlete’s Foot and selected retailers. The only problem is the price tag. At $199.95 they are not cheap slippers! But the good news is David Jones still offers lay-by services.

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