Smart Money Tips For Women

March 8, 2011

Smart Money Tips For Women

To coincide with International Women’s Day, MasterCard has shared some top tips
for managing your finances. Whilst spending within your means is a great
way to manage day to day finances, understanding the fundamentals of
credit and banking means better financial decisions can be made.

* To keep on top of your spending, set a monthly budget
with incoming and outgoing spend and monitor your progress in order to
keep within your limits

* Charges on credit cards should be paid back in a timely
fashion, to avoid interest charges on the remaining balance

* Always check your card statements carefully and on a
regular basis

* Using your credit or debit card to pay for purchases and
make payments will help you to keep track on all of your spending and
monitoring your progress will also makes it easier to spot any irregular
entries on your monthly statement

* Make sure you update your personal details when you move
address – ensuring your financial information doesn’t fall into the
wrong hands

* For those looking to spend only what is available to them in
their account at any given time, debit cards come with the same level of security
and acceptance as credit cards, whilst still maintaining control on
spending limits. There are a range of Debit MasterCards available on the
market from a variety of banks and the global acceptance of MasterCard
means it can be used online, over the phone and at the point of sale at
over 31 million locations around the world.

* With the growth of online shopping, consumers need to remain
alert when shopping online and the security of their payment card
details when making a purchase:

* Always purchase from reputable retailers

* Avoid giving out too much information

* Where possible use MasterCard SecureCode when making a
purchase, it provides enhanced protection when buying online

* In the event something unfortunate does happen,
MasterCard cardholders are protected by MasterCard’s Zero Liability
policy for any unauthorised transactions on their accounts

What are your top money tips?

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