Smile, you’re on 3.

September 16, 2003

Give a wave, blow a kiss, or just grin – it all speaks volumes on 3, the only network in Australia to offer live, real-time video calling. Whether it’s intimate or impulsive, now you can say it face-to-face with another 3 user and share the feeling across the city or across the globe* with the people who matter most. Watch your mum’s reaction as she opens your Christmas card in London*. Help choose a new couch while you’re sitting on your old one. Or wave hello to your newborn niece. It’s all possible, here and now on 3.

The next step.

On 3 you can send and receive emails or forward faxes, access your Voicemail – even send a Video message, all with the same handset you use to make mobile voice calls. Check your inbox when you’re out, forward a fax from the back of a taxi – even have your emails read out to you as you drive. 3 is a better way to communicate that could save you a whole lot of time, money and travel.

Not your normal network.

On 3 you get a full range of services to keep you in touch, informed and entertained. Stay in the loop with video highlights of the day’s news, or chill out in the back of a taxi with comedy downloads. Catch all the sports action while you’re catching some rays. Check the weather up to four days in advance, or be spontaneous and plan your night on the move with What’s On. You can stay in touch with regular financial news updates, or turn to the heavens with Stars on 3 and predict your next financial windfall.

It’s here and now.

All this and so much more is possible right now on 3. And it’s more affordable than you’d think. Visit your nearest 3 Shop to check out the full range of handsets, or find out more right now at

* Video calls and messaging services available in 3’s video coverage areas. Customers of overseas 3 networks must be in their video coverage areas.

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