Smoothies and Booty Camp for women!

August 27, 2009

Tried a billion diets and just can’t seen to get the body you want? Well, this program takes care of your insides, outsides and everything in between and it’s just for chicks. Check it out!

Two great female-friendly companies, Booty Camp and Schkinny Maninny, are joining forces to offer a joint cleanse-training package to get you feeling fabulous in time for summer.

Schkinny Maninny runs a nutritional cleanse that will detox your system, cleanse your insides and leave you lighter and glowing on the outside. Sign up for three or five days and they will deliver six juices, soups and smoothies to you every morning! While Booty Camp is bootcamp but for girls only so courses are designed specifically for you and your body.

Booty Camp founder, Leigh Veitch says, “Our classes focus on toning up the bits of the body that the bikini accentuates. Boxing, kicking, running, jumping and resistance training are combined to help you get the look outwards and the feeling inside you want as you head into Spring. So we’re delighted to be partnering with the Schkinny Manniny ACTIVE cleanse which will kick start your metabolism and make you feel as good on the inside as you are going to look on the outside.”

Schkinny Maninny founder Catherine Craig adds, “We have designed the new ACTIVE cleanse which been specifically designed for Booty Campers to enhance their result from the six week program”. With the option of cleansing right before their Booty Camp program to kick start a result early on OR to cleanse during the six week program to guarantee a great end result.

A five day cleanse plus six weeks of training is $400. For more information hit up www.schkinnymaninny.com.au or www.bootycamp.com.au.

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