Snail Facial Mask – Would You Try It?

September 17, 2014

Would you try a facial treatment which promises to fight signs of anti-ageing, is full of antioxidants and will give your skin a youthful glow? Of course! Now would you still try it if we told you it was done purely by a snail? Snail facials have been used for years in Japan since they are packed with antioxidants, anti-bacteria properties and will even make your skin feel soft and smooth.

What is a snail facial?

A snail facial is a beauty treatment whereby the dermatologist or consultant places 2-3 snails simultaneously on the forehead cheeks and chin for 20 minutes at a time. Snails emit a mucus which has been found to be very beneficial to the human skin – with promises of reduced lines and wrinkles, and overall healthy skin. The trained snail facialists manoeuvre the snails, and keep them away from the nostrils, eyes and mouth making this treatment extremely safe.

How does it work?

The mucus from the snail is packed with antioxidants, proteins, vitamins and cleanses the skin with it’s anti-bacterial properties. Although the sensation is often strange for the patient, they are encourage to sit back and relax during the facial – not moving too suddenly.

Where are the snails sourced?

Most snails are farmed for the specialised treatment, and are fed organic food and vegetable matter so they are as pure as possible. Once snails are used on a client, they are given at least 4 days of rest before they can be used again. After the treatment, snails are separated from the others to avoid the chances of exchanging bacteria or even cross contamination.

How to prepare for the facial

Clients are encouraged to arrive to the facial makeup and skincare-free, since this is the best way to have a successful treatment. This treatment is also very beneficial for those who suffer from various skin treatments as well as acne, since the mucus holds various antibacterial properties and hyaluronic acid which is used in skin primers.


The cost of treatments can vary, but your average snail facial will cost an upwards of $200 just for the snail itself.

Would you ever try a snail facial?

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