So…Should You Get An iPhone 4?

July 30, 2010

So…Should You Get An iPhone 4?

As with everything Apple does, there was major hype surrounding the newest version of the iPhone. iPhone faithfuls asked: should I upgrade, and what new features will there be?

But then the iPhone 4 was released in the US last month and the questions became: why is my call cutting out? What’s wrong with my iPhone? And when can I get my hands on the elusive white model?

The iPhone 4 launched in Australia at midnight last night with huge celebrity fanfare (you would have spotted cute Kelly Rowland doing the rounds) so here’s our verdict on the iPhone 4:


The iPhone 4 is even thinner and slicker than what you’ve been using. The design is beautiful. An even sexier white version is rarer than hen’s teeth, but should be more readily available towards the end of the year.

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FaceTime is the big draw card here. It allows you to make video calls, so you can see your best mate, family on the other side of the world, even your boss while you chat (actually, this might not be so great if you’re calling in a sickie while you’re actually on the beach).

Flash and HD video: The lack of flash on previous iPhones was a real let down, so we’re thrilled with the new LED flash and improved 5 megapixel camera. Need to update your Facebook profile? You can easily take self portraits with the front facing camera. And the HD video with built-in editor lets you make mini movies in superb quality.

This version also allows you to switch between third-party apps instantly and is easy on battery performance.

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One of the major improvements is the use of new materials to make the iPhone 4 ultra-resistant to scratches. So if you’re prone to throwing your mobile around, getting minor scratches from the depths of your handbag, you’ll love it for this reason alone. But take note butter fingers: if you drop it a few times it’s likely to chip or crack.


The iPhone 4 features the highest resolution of any phone, so the quality is unbelievable. This makes browsing the internet and video calls a joy.

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Antenna Problems

Widespread complaints so far have been calls dropping out and download speeds dropping off completely. Apple notoriously told users to “hold their phones differently” which was not a good PR move! You can pick up free cases or use your own which they say prevents the issue.

This is a hard one. Not everyone is reporting drop outs, and Apple is constantly working on the issues so we expect residual flaws to be ironed out in the next few months. But nothing is more frustrating than calls dropping out or losing internet when you urgently need it.


The iPhone 4 is a beautiful model that you’ll enjoy using. Battery life is much stronger, great for those of us who forget to charge. Improved phone and video means it’s become even more all-in-one. But we’re also not thrilled that Apple released a version with notable antenna issues. If you’re not sure, check with your phone dealer on their return policy, or wait a few months to see how Apple resolve the problem.

Photo: Uber Gizmo

Read a detailed review here.

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