So…You Want To Get Fit (But Don’t Know Where To Start!)

January 31, 2013

So… You’ve talked about getting fit and daydreamed about going to the gym. But how do you get motivated enough to do it? Virgin Active Health Clubs‘s fitness manager Dan Andrews offers his tips on setting goals, swapping treats and loving the gym!

Set goals

Setting yourself a goal each month is an easy way to challenge yourself and stay motivated.

Be sure to make simple goals and reward yourself when you’ve achieved it – massage anyone?

The goal can be as simple as being able to run for half an hour without stopping by the end of this month, trying a new class at your gym once a week next month or having your skinny jeans fit just as well (if not better) by the end of winter as how they fit at the start of winter.

It’s important to remember your fitness level when setting your goals, we don’t want you injuring yourself by going beyond your limits. Challenge yourself each month and as your fitness increases, make the goals a little harder.

Swap your treats

Some of us get the 3pm sugar craving while some of us have the sweet tooth and look for ice-cream or chocolate after dinner. Try swapping your treats for healthier options – being nice to the lips is being nice to the hips!

Swap the chocolate for an apple, mix up some strawberries with yoghurt or if you’re after something refreshing why not make a berry smoothie?

We’re not saying you can’t have chocolate or ice cream ever again, just try to minimise the intake of these – your hips will love you for it!

Tour your gym

When you go to the gym regularly it’s easy to form habits and routines. So this year why not be a tourist in your own gym?

By sticking to your routine and habits you tend to forget what your gym has to offer or can miss new classes/equipment that are introduced. Take a look around your gym, see what’s new and try something you haven’t done before.

Virgin Active Health Clubs believe in making your workout fun, so next time you’re there why not try the rock climbing wall or jump on one of the bikes and challenge the person next to you on the interactive games.

Gym? Work out at home? Going for a walk or run? How do you get fit?

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