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Solving the man mystery

Solving the man mystery

Solving the man mystery

They stand side by side in the elevator on their way to different offices on the 13th floor. She casts a surreptitious look at him, he does likewise. He smiles. She smiles back. They talk. They connect. He asks for her telephone number. From that moment on they are an item.

Three months later it?s getting serious. She feels she knows him sufficiently well to take the next step. Three weeks later they are living together. Five years down the track she feels she knows him inside out and backwards: every word and action predictable.

Well, let me tell you she knows nothing from nothing. His innermost core will always be a mystery to her. Or was until the new book Men As Animals was published last month.

If you want to know your man, you have to know your animal. According to the book, men are categorised by the totem animal of the clan to which they belonged for hundreds and thousands of years back in prehistory. They took on its characteristics: the boldness of the bear, the commanding presence of the lion, etcetera. And those characteristics have been genetically passed down from generation to generation, in much the same way as blue eyes, or red hair.

Each Animale has his own characteristics, ways of behaving and temperament. Within a short time of meeting, any of the thirteen Animales can be clearly identified. It?s a matter of talking to him, watching his body language, how he behaves with others; and when she?s reasonable sure, imagining him with the appropriate animal head on him. Intuition will tell her if it fits: if not, try another.

Totem Theory, as it?s called, allows a woman to choose ?mindfully? as well as with the heart. She is going into a relationship with the knowledge of how the man will behave in a variety of circumstances. It gives her the power to subtly control, to understand, and by using her newfound insight to get the very best out of him.

Dolly Dix, Editor of Sabine Magazine and a major character in Men As Animals stresses the importance of choosing mindfully: ?You have to clearly define your target, manwise, otherwise its like going into a candy store with no clear idea of what you want and you?re faced with too many choices. Bewildering. You buy in haste and in all likelihood live to regret your purchase. Another example: choosing your pet. Before you go to the pet shop you consider the size of your home, the amount of time you can spend with it, whether you want a lively companion. You?ve done your homework and decided what suits you in terms of deriving maximum enjoyment from your choice. No unpleasant surprises down the track. You are going to get exactly what is best for you ? compatibility wise.?

And so it should be with your choice of a permanent man. You have to know from the very beginning what suits you best and then go out and get him.

?So how does that help me?? asks the woman in a long-term relationship.

Well, whether you?re happy, unhappy, discontented or bored, Men As Animals provides the insight to extract the optimum from your partner. With understanding comes empathy, kindness, the ability to change and to get the very best out of the relationship.

What animal is your man?

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