Book Review: Spellbound

February 11, 2003

If you have read any of Jane Green?s previous five novels then you will love her latest offering Spellbound. She never fails to entertain the girls at SheSaid.

Jane Green writes fresh, funny, heartwarming novels for woman of today. Her central characters are always female and they remind you either of yourself at some point in your life or at least one of your closet girlfriends. She has a way with words that really draws you in and makes you feel like you know the characters. You totally sympathise with them as they go through the trials and tribulations of life, love, sex and even marriage.Spellbound is an easy read that?s hard to put down. It?s as if you are, as the title suggests, somewhat spellbound by her storytelling. Alice, the main character is married to Joe Chambers, the handsome, successful banker. (Don?t we all wish!) They lead a charmed existence in London, attending all the best parties and openings, and being photographed for the social pages. Secretly, Alice dreams of a quieter life with more QT (quality time) with her gorgeous, rich husband. She?s is also wracked with self-doubt and sometimes can?t help but pinch herself that Joe chose to marry her ?plain old Alice?.

Meanwhile, Alice?s best friend Emily is leading the 30-something single life that Alice always imagined would be hers, instead of this fantasy life as the fabulous wife of Joe Chambers?Then Joe is transferred to New York and Alice finally gets her dream house in the country. But like most things you dream of for a long time, this comes at a cost.

Spellbound follows Alice?s journey of self-discovery. It?s a universal story about the ups and downs of life and relationships, told by Green with warmth, laughter and even a little sadness.

A great holiday read or a book to send a girlfriend that needs cheering up! A book that ensures you feel happy with your lot in life regardless of what that is at any given time. Well worth a read!

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