“Sorry I thought you were gay!”

October 29, 2009

Ever made the mistake of thinking the nice guy chatting to you at the bar is gay when, oh uh, he’s not?! Join the club, writes editor Melissa Ironside.

Metrosexual, hetrosexual, homosexual, retrosexual … with all the labels being branded around these days, you’d be forgiven for getting your men confused! Add to that a renewed effort in the grooming department by most modern day guys and you have yourself one very tricky dating market.

I was at a dinner the other night and a single friend of mine was chatting to this lovely guy. He was waving his hands around wildly, was wearing a pink shirt, commented on her shoes and even referred to his “partner”. It wasn’t until later in the night when he actually called his partner a “she” that the penny dropped.

“I thought he was gay,” she said to me the next day. “My gaydar must be way off. I better get that thing fixed if I’m ever going to pick up again. I could be letting all these great guys go because I’m wrongly thinking they’re gay!”

And my friend isn’t the only one. Michael Buble’s girlfriend thought he was gay when she first met him. The Canadian crooner says he was so intimidated when he first met Argentian actress Luisana Lopilato at one of his concerts last November that he spent the night talking to her male friend instead.

He told Britain’s The Sun newspaper: “I don’t speak Spanish and she had no English. But the guy did so I just spoke to him. I was a bit nervous because of how beautiful she was.

“I later found out she was on the phone to her mother the whole time saying, ‘Buble’s gay. He’s hitting on my friend’.”

Luckily, after finding out that Luisana was single, Michael, 34, asked her out and the couple have been together ever since.

So has a similar thing happened to you? Can you relate to this dating dilemma? Share your stories!

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Image from “I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry”

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