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SOS! Five Hair Emergencies And How To Fix Them

SOS! Five Hair Emergencies And How To Fix Them

Some ‘dos can’t be undone — but for everything else, there’s a fix.

I’m not sure I can count all my hair emergencies on just two hands.

There have been too-short bangs I cut myself. There was the time my color came out orange after an ill-conceived dyeing session at home; the roots were a sort of rotting-pumpkin shade, and the ends were thoroughly destroyed. For that one, I had to see an actual stylist in an actual salon because it’s true that there are some hair problems that can only be solved by a professional or by waiting it out. But barring these types of, um, dead-end situations, you’re in luck. For most hair emergencies, there’s a fix.

It always helps to put preventative measures into practice. Start with a healthy lifestyle and the foods that give you stronger hair and nails. Then take care of your locks with the right products, as little chemical interference as you can bear, and common sense. For example, smart use of at-home hair dyeing is always recommended (attention, 19-year-old me!). Know what you’re getting into if you choose to rock bangs. Shampoo safely (that means skip out on the ‘poos that contain potentially harmful and drying ingredients such as formaldehyde and use shampoo alternatives to keep your hair healthy. And then when that inevitable hair emergency comes along… be prepared.

Emergency #1: My Curls Are Frazzled!

Curly hair is thirsty hair; let’s establish that right away. Your curls might start out looking shiny and bouncy in the morning and then become dry and frazzled as the day wears on. The right hair oil can provide much-needed hydration and shine without making your locks greasy (more on that later). NatureLab Tokyo’s Perfect Smooth Hair Oil ($16) is, well, perfect for smoothing out frizzies and adding on-the-go softness (plus the light, subtle fragrance may very well sooth your nerves, too).

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Emergency #2: My ‘Do is Super Flat!

Instead of looking up, does your hair appear decidedly down? The emergency response to this is to create volume with styling spray like R+Co’s Freeway Defining Spray Gel ($29), which you can aim at the roots to boost your bounce quotient without getting into crunchy-hair-spray territory.

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Emergency #3: My Blowout is All Dry!

The aim of any blowout is straight and sleek, not static-y and split. Assuming that you used a pre-blowout product that protects against heat damage (you did, right?), then smooth over the situation with a finishing creme; NatureLab Tokyo’s Perfect Smooth Blowout Lotion ($12) will give you the softening power you need without weighing your hair down or making it look lank.

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Emergency #4: OMG, My Hair is Totally Greasy!

When it comes to the greasy look, you have a few options. One is, rock it (easier said that done; hello, forehead acne!). Two is, go wash your hair (difficult if not impossible when you’re out and about). Or, tuck a fan fave like Bumble and bumble’s Prêt-à-Powder Tres Invisible Dry Shampoo into your purse (a snap with the mini bottle!) and spray on to absorb oil and combat a greasy-looking ‘do.

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Emergency #5: I’ve Got Crazy Split Ends!

It’s true that some split ends are only defeated with a pair of cutting shears. But before you resign yourself to a cut, try Aveda’s bestselling Damage Remedy Intensive Restructuring Treatment ($39), which boasts that  intoxicating trademark Aveda fragrance along with oils and protein to repair brittle and broken hair.

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Comment: What’s the worst hair emergency you’ve ever had? 

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