Spat between Madonna and Guy Ritchie

August 10, 2004

Spat between Madonna and Guy Ritchie

Aren’t sex, politics and religion the topics to avoid?
Pop icon Madonna’s obsession with Kabbalah seems to be getting to her husband, British director Guy Ritchie, who reportedly had a fight with the Like a Virgin, singer after he threatened a Kabbalah priest. According to The Sun, Ritchie was trying to talk to Madonna while she was rehearsing for the Re-Invention tour, but could not get a word in because the couple were repeatedly interrupted by a rabbi. An enraged Ritchie is reported to have grabbed the rabbi by his collar and threatened to break his face if he didn’t leave him alone with his wife. “He reared up, the veins were sticking out of his forehead. He grabbed the guy’s shirt. He just snarled, ‘If you don’t back off I’m going to break ya face.’ It was scary,” said an onlooker. Madonna is said to have jumped to the rabbi’s defence and screamed at Ritchie, “Don’t ****ing embarrass me,” after which they both stormed off in a fury. Madonna failed to show up for rehearsals for the rest of the day.

Thinking about Kylie we hope
Martinez takes some time out?????
After the storm of publicity his partying ways caused last week, this week saw a stark contrast with Olivier Martinez being snapped seeking a bit of solitude in the French resort on St Tropez. While our Kyles plugs her latest lingerie range at home in Australia, Olivier made headlines again for all the wrong reasons at rapper P Diddy?s party. But, as rumour mills churned reports of a split between the couple, the Unfaithful actor (could it be a case of life imitating art?) took some time to himself, relaxing with a canine friend and some male pals with a day’s sailing. And the boat on which he enjoyed the quiet afternoon is the 15-metre White Wings, a vintage vessel which Olivier reportedly bought for Kylie just last month. Despite all the furor created by his wayward ways pop star Kylie is reportedly winging her way back to her meet her man in romantic Paris this week. Kylie’s representatives insist the relationship is not on the rocks, saying: “They’re still very much together.” We?ll believe it when we see it!

Princess Mary
Fashion Princess??????
Having already gained a reputation for her stylish wardrobe, Princess Mary of Denmark has further demonstrated she’s one of the Scandinavian country’s premier style setters, appearing front row at Copenhagen Fashion Week. After helping kick off the event, which is part of Europe’s second largest fashion fair, the princess took a seat alongside the catwalk for the Trend Show event, visibly impressed by the parade of creations by designers from all over Europe. Last week, Denmark’s newest royal fashionista showed off an array of stylish outfits during a cross-country tour with her husband, Prince Frederik. But, since the couple are currently vacationing, royal watchers will likely have to wait until next season to see if Princess Mary found inspiration for her wardrobe during the Copenhagen extravaganza.?????
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