Spending like a celebrity

August 2, 2005

Spending like a celebrity

As an Australian woman, do you feel the pressure to look good? According to Virgin Money?s Celebrity Spending Survey, two out of three women feel they are expected to match the ideal figures, immaculate grooming and designer wardrobes of today?s celebrities.

That’s pretty difficult to achieve, considering most of us certaintly don’t have the pay packet to equal the average celebrity. Women aged 18-34 are Australia?s biggest celebrity spenders, splashing out a startling $1,500 a year on their credit cards. One in ten 18-34 year olds spend over $300 a month, or $3,600 a year, on copying celebrity chic.

Virgin Money?s ?Celebrity Spending? survey also reveals that:
? Women in regional Australia are much less influenced by celebrity chic than their city cousins, spending just $550 a year on the pursuit of celebrity perfection.

? Women with children feel most pressured by the cult of celebrity. Three in four (74%) women with children feel they are expected to look as good as celebrities.

? Hairstyling and extensions top the Celebrity Spenders? list with 43% of women splurging. Designer clothes and accessories are next most expensive, with 27% of women buying, followed by beauty treatments (17%), diet programs (3%) and cosmetic enhancements and fake tanning/sunbeds (both 2%).

? Celebrity fashion and gossip magazines are the Celebrity Spenders? bibles, with nine in ten women (89%) admitting to trawling their pages for the latest celebrity looks.

Who are our favourite celebrity idols?
Nicole Kidman topped the list with 26% of votes. She was followed by Jennifer Aniston on 13% and Sarah Jessica Parker on 11%. Delta Goodrem (10%), Kylie Minogue (5%), Paris Hilton (3%) and Victoria Beckham (3%) all rate honourable mentions.

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