Spicy sex idea: “The Cat’s Meow”

March 22, 2010

Sex expert Gabrielle Morrissey runs us through a position sure to have both of you reaching the Big O!

The beauty of finding a new technique for a position that can enhance both his and her pleasure is that no preparation is needed except to learn how to do it. The Coital Alignment Technique (CAT) is a variation of the man-on-top position and so can be substituted for the classic man-on-top (missionary) position whenever you both feel you would like to maximise the experience of orgasm during intercourse. This may be on usual nights of sex, or on special occasions when you feel like putting in a bit of new effort and creativity.

“According to international research, less than 30 per cent of women are able to reliably come during penile-vaginal intercourse. This research reflects a simple anatomical fact: women are simply not designed for maximum pleasure through penetration. If they were, the vagina would be rich with pleasurable nerve endings, enabling the penis thrusting in and out to easily deliver her to ecstasy. But if this really were the case, and the vagina really did have a vast network of nerves that respond to stimulation, simple activities like the insertion of tampons, fingers, speculums – even experiences such as Pap Smears and childbirth – would be orgasmic. And, of course, we know they are not. So why would we think that the penis, as fantastic as it may be, would suddenly transform this vaginal canal into an orgasmic space if nothing else can?

“The truth is that there are very few pleasing nerve endings in the vagina. The central area of female sexual nerve endings is in the clitoris (8000 of them alone in the glands!), the inner and outer lips, the perineum – the stretch of skin between the vaginal opening and the anus – and at the entrance of the vagina. So while she does experience please through penetration – and especially enjoy stimulation right at the entrance of her vagina – she mostly, and primarily, experiences sexual pleasure all along the outside, sliding from her clitoris down towards the entrance of her vagina. The CAT is designed to maximise this whole outer area, rather than the deep inner vagina, during intercourse, to bring both her and him to orgasm – sometimes even together.

Bring to Boil

“The Coital Alignment Technique is a favourite among couples who like to make love face to face, bodies connected and with both partners given equal opportunity to come. As it’s a variation of the man-on-top position, the CAT requires the man to do a few things differently and the variations are critical for her pleasure.

“One difference is that he rests his body weight on her, or to the side of her, rather than on his arms or elbows. When the man has to support his own weight he tends to come faster, and one of the requirements for coming together – or at least both coming during intercourse – is to last longer, to give the woman enough time to reach orgasm. Next, the man “rides high” – that is, he shifts himself up so that when he is inside her, the base of his penis is in contact with her clitoris. However, deep thrusting is not the aim of this game; instead, both partners engage in rocking and rubbing motions so that, as his penis continues to receive stimulation, contact with her clitoris is never interrupted.

This is the key ingredient to pussy-friendly CAT loving: do not break cock-base-to-love-button friction! As they grind and rock, he keeps contact through his downward-into-her motion and she keeps the pressure on with her up-against-him rocking. To alternate sensation she can wrap her legs around him, resting her ankles on his calves for a slightly deeper penetration while still maintaining ideal pelvic contact, or she can straighten her legs out directly under his for a shallow penetration that increases the rubbing along her clitoris.

“To enhance the CAT position for an even more intense bodily effect, place a pillow under her lower back to create a pelvic tilt upwards towards his groin. She’ll be positively purring with delight at the experience of not just one but two or more orgasms during intercourse!

Extra zing

“To bring the Kama Sutra to life in a multitude of purrfectly pleasurable positions for you both, try using “sexational” furniture such as Loving Angles. Loving Angles (available to order at www.loving-angles.com.au) is a set of five sex-enhancement pieces, designed to be put together a variety of ways for both partners to experience great pleasure and comfort while experimenting with a number of positions. A flat bed will feel ever so mundanely horizontal once you’ve tried sex on the Loving Angles furniture.

“The CAT technique can be enhanced using the pieces by adding a wedge underneath her to create a further pelvic tilt so that his pelvis has even great contact with hers, and to give her an upward angle that allows more access to the clitoris, while also enabling deeper penetration during the position. Once you’ve stimulated both her clitoris and his shaft with the CAT on the sexational pieces, increase the wedges behind her back so that she is better able to lean up and forward under him, while still having her back supported. You can take this even further to a fully supported sitting position.

“The CAT is about finding the right angle, and using pillows or something like Loving Angles can get you both loving the sensation, support and, yes, the pivotal pelvic angle. Twist yourselves into an intertwined incline that will give you a whole new slant on mutual pleasure!”

“Spicy Sex” (Harper Collins – $24.95) by Gabrielle Morrissey has 52 red-hot, sure-fire creative and delicious recipes for heating up and reinvigorating sex. See www.bananasandmelons.com.au for more information on Dr Gabrielle.

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