Spoiler Alert: The Bachelor Just Proposed To His Winning Lady

Nadia Bokody

Do NOT read this is you haven’t watched the finale yet.

If you’re reading this and you haven’t watched The Bachelor finale yet, we suggest you click away, immediately.

The final episode of season 20 of The Bachelor just aired on US TV and Ben Higgins officially made his decision clear by dropping down on bended knee to propose to his leading lady.

And it was bad news for #TeamJoJo fans, because Lauren Bushnell was revealed as the woman the controversial bachelor wanted to wed.

In easily one of the most dramatic Bachelor finales in history (the bachelor declared he was in love with both – read: both – women in the second last ep of the season), the planet’s most indecisive guy finally picked a winner. And I for one, am glad, as I was running out of fingernails to gnaw off.

In his final dates with the remaining women, Higgins revealed he was worried about things with Bushnell being “too good to be true”, while the chemistry between the bachelor and JoJo Fletcher reached an all-time high as they got hot and heavy under a waterfall for a final pash fest (this should’ve been her first red flag. Heated makeout sessions involving water are always reserved for the dumpee.)

Unfortunately, things took a turn for the worse when Higgins revealed he was concerned about making a long-distance relationship work with Fletcher (she’s in Dallas, he’s in Denver), leaving her wondering if she’d still be standing at the end.

The pair ended up having an epic D&M in the bathroom as she desperately tried to get him to admit how he felt (big mistake girl. If watching The Bachelor has taught us anything it’s that bachies hate feelings and serious talk. Only like touchy stuff and happy-no-sad girls.) Finally, Higgins admitted he’d told Bushnell he loved her too, and Fletcher’s heart could be basically heard shattering into a million pieces on the ceramic tiles.

The final moments of the show saw the bachelor tell his bride to be, Bushnell, that he wanted to wake up to her every day, and a lot of other gushy stuff you can see in the vid below. Be warned though, you’ll need tissues on hand. It was INTENSE.

So what will the next season of The Bachelor hold? With any luck, another hot bachie who’s comfortable with being shirtless and flaunting his ripped-up abs as often as humanly possible, more romantic cliches than you thought could possibly fit into a one hour time slot, and a whole lot more female rivalry, which, let’s face it – is the main reason we’re all obsessed with this show. #PeaceOutBitches

Comment: Were you happy with the finale, do you think Ben made the right decision?