Spray-On Nail Polish Is Here And It’s Glorious

January 14, 2016

Say hello to a lightning fast, flawless mani.

Who hasn’t had the thought they’d save a few bucks with a DIY mani, only to end up with digits worthy of a truly spectacular Pinterest fail?

While we’d all like to think we can get salon results at home, the finished look is rarely comparable to the pros. Your non-dominant hand is always useless and there’s inevitably one dreaded nail you have to repaint 10 times before starting again, because it’s turning into a 3D art project.

As if hearing our cries of frustration, the nail Gods have answered, in glorious form. Meet the new five second at-home mani that even a toddler can pull off: spray-on polish. Designed by Nailsinc London, the product comes in an aerosol can and is formulated to attach itself to your claws, not your skin. Better still, it applies in a single spray and has a flawlessly even finish every time. Here’s how it works…

Step 1: Prep

Prep nails with a base coat. Take your time to apply it carefully, avoiding your cuticles, since this will act as a primer and make the spray-on polish stick, so a rushed application will leave you with a messy finish. Wait to set before moving onto the next step.

Step 2: Spray time 

Lay down some newspaper to prevent turning your dresser into a graffiti project. Next, start by lying your hand flat on the table and then holding the can about four inches from your fingers, then spray the product quickly across your fingertips.

Follow by hooking your thumb on the edge of a table and repeat the action. Make sure you shake the can well before starting so the paint disperses evenly. Don’t worry if some gets on your fingers, just focus on getting a smooth finish.

Step 3: Fix it

Wait for the paint to dry and then add a top coat to set the paint in place. Once again, be careful not to get any on your cuticles to prevent an untidy final look.

Step 4: Wash off 

After the top coat has finished drying, get some hot, soapy water and scrub your hands to get rid of the excess paint.

Step 5: Work it

The result? A picture perfect mani! Enjoy watching your friends jaws fall to the floor when you tell them you did your nails with a spray can.

Image via of nailsinc.com.

Comment: Have you tried spray-on nail polish? What did you think?

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