Spring clean your relationship

September 27, 2005

Spring clean your relationship

It?s amazing, isn?t it, how the minute the first of September arrives, we feel like we can breathe again. The blankets are flung off, the windows are thrust open and there?s a brand new atmosphere. If relationships were seasonal, what would Spring be?

Traditionally a time for new beginnings, Spring is wedding season. Try making a booking for a church or reception venue for the first couple of weeks of September!

Spring is also when you can take a country drive and see baby lambs literally bouncing up and down in the fields!

Why not adapt the season to bring about some changes in an old, dusty relationship, clear away the cobwebs and bring back the sparkle?

Cobweb #1: ?We?re so bored with each other?
Sure, stay cooped up indoors all winter long, keeping your toes toasty by the heater and do nothing but watch TV and drink hot coffee, and you?re bound to get sick of the sight of each other!

Cobweb sweeper: Get out and live life!
Ok it?s not summer yet, but there?s no reason why you can?t pack a picnic and find a spot on a beach or a mountain somewhere, and sip wine in the great outdoors. There are many resorts where you can take a weekend getaway and simply enjoy each other?s company. Use it as a ?reset? time. Talk, try new foods, walk in the sun, find a jazz spot, dance the night away, get naked, practise a little exhibitionism by leaving the curtains a-swayin? in the Spring breeze. And once you?ve reset your relationship back on a revitalised footing, go home and remember how much fun you had and how much fun you both are together!

Cobweb #2: ?Sex is ho-hum, if we do it at all!?
Your electric blanket has been clocking up some serious hours, your sexy teddies and baby doll nighties are now your drawer liners and your warm, comfy flanno jammies have been your attire for twelve hours a day. How?s anyone going to feel sexy under such conditions?

Cobweb sweeper: Peel off the layers!
Pack away the electric blanket, first of all. Ditch the jammies and drag out the lingerie. If you?re still cold in bed, you already know of a few under-the-cover activities that can generate some heat. In winter, we all rug up and show much less skin. Spring?s here and you can start revealing a bit of flesh without feeling too cold. A hint of cleavage, skirts instead of pants, and no boots; you may experience a couple of goosebumps episodes a day but once your body starts feeling more ?alive?, your libido should kick-start back into action. And while you?re at it, tell that man of yours to lose the trackie-dacks and put some jeans on! You remember how his butt looks, get it back in view!

Cobweb #3: ?It?s Spring! Why aren?t we getting married??
Ahh yes, the familiar cry of the attached young lady whose Significant Other has led her into the new-beginnings season without a proposal.

Cobweb sweeper: Put it into perspective!
Is it that it?s Spring, or that you really feel the time has come to elevate the relationship to a more committed level? Every time you drive past a church, it seems a hundred people are fussing over a beaming bride. Wedding magazines scream at you from the stands: ?Spring Bride Issue!? or ?September Bride!? Really, shouldn?t it be your partner who seduces you?It shouldn?t be the time of year or the marketing ploys of companies whose fortunes grow in line with the concentration of pollen (and confetti) in the air. Settle, petal. Take a deep breath of that fresh, clean air. Stop and smell the newly blossoming roses. And don?t let the bluebird of happiness crap all over your reality.

By Gina Luca.

* Gina is a freelance writer whose passion for talking to people on the Internet provides much inspiration for her writing. Check out her website www.liveitup.net.au

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