Spring Clean your Wardrobe

April 9, 2002

Spring Clean your wardrobe

It’s a new season so it’s time for a closet clearout. Follow our ‘wardrobe wipeout’ tips so you can make room for those new clothes.

We have all hung onto clothes for some reason or another. Either it is emotional and we just can[t give it up or we think it may come back in fashion? Okay, we’re not telling you to chuck out things you love and still wear. We’re trying to help you get rid of clothes that are and were fashion faux pas. You know, that mini skirt you bought last year you swore you would live in all summer and you still haven’t worn it. Here is our ‘keep list’ guide:


Pashmina: We love them. Yes, they were very 1999 but you can still get mileage out of these divine, warm and snugly wraps. If you bought the real McCoy then they can be used as a blanket on a plane flight, a throw over your couch or just for wrapping around yourself when you’re cold.

Sequinned (anything): This look was huge in 2000. We were wearing sparkly tops with jeans, skirts you name it. But sparkle clothing is great for eveningwear and it never dates. Keep a hold of these items.

Denim: Anything denim is back, it is a classic. Those indigo bootleg jeans are worth holding onto. Denim jackets can be worn with anything. Even if the style is a little dated, just add a few brooches to jazz it up.

Puffy Sleeves: Keep this item as they have just arrived on our fashion shelves so you will still get quite a bit of wear out of this number. They still look great with jeans and tight fitted work skirts.

White T-shirt: You can’t have enough of these. Short or long a great staple to any wardrobe.

Military: These trend items are revived every minute so don’t let these go. We’ll give you a tip: the military look is back next season.


Jeans with feather, leather: Remember Gucci? This look was out the minute it hit the catwalks. Just cause Tom Ford declared them to be cook doesn’t mean your copy jeans are a go-go. Get rid of them now!

Corsages/ribbons/flowers: This is too “Sex in the City” and very dated. Don’t pin another flower or corsage on your outfit again. Chuck now!

Logo clothing: Anything with a logo scrawled across the front.

The Baguette Bag: If you were luckier enough to score a Fendi Baguette then don’t throw this gem out. Keep it aside. However if you bought a copy Baguette get it out of your house now.

Rock Chick Look: Anything studded, ripped or splattered with graffiti type writing has to leave pronto.

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