Spring hair styles

September 13, 2005

Spring hair styles

The theme of hair at the moment (and it will continue through til summer), is natural. Award-winning hairdresser Barney Martin says that no matter if you want to wear your hair up or down this spring, you can create beautiful, natural looking hair styles in both of these instances.

“We are seeing more free-spirited hair at the moment, much softer and less heavily styled than in the past. Hair left down isn?t so stiffly straightened anymore. Instead we?re seeing loosely set waves, which flow gently and highlight the natural wave and movement in the hair. Up-styles look as though they?ve been randomly pinned up to create a very easy to achieve style (although it may have actually taken quite a while to get that ?random? look).

“Definitely avoid unnatural, rigid and stiff set hair. Anything that is inflexible, fake looking or extremely difficult to achieve is likely to fit into this category. You know what I mean ? crunchy hair that looks as though it has been hair sprayed within an inch of its life!”

Try out…
Try styling your hair with the ultra cool Chill Finishing Range. The perfect way to add texture without stiff hold is the Chill* Ed Flow Smooth Texture Cream. It’s aimed to be a light finishing product that will separate and texture hair without being oily or having too much hold. Perfect for adding definition to curls and creating softer, in season styles.

“Although long hair is still proving popular, there are some great shorter styles around which also look great ? think Nicole Richie?s soft waves. If you want a nice cut, remember to get something that?s easy for you to style and maintain.”

Monique Thibault, Colour Technician at Barney Martin Hairdressing says: “For spring we?re seeing quite a lot of block hair colouring (all over colour) in soft honey and warm caramels, as well as gentle blending from blonde to brunette. She says that in keeping with the styles, fresh and natural is the theme of spring.”

Try out…
Most women who colour their hair visit the salon or do it at home around every 6 – 8 weeks. Unfortunately, by about week four or five you’re getting those annoying roots peeking through. Fortunately, Clairol have come up with ‘Root Touch Up’, a non drop, paste formula that is designed to cover root regrowth and greys that show through around the parting, forehead and temples midway through the colour cycle. It comes in 11 shades from blonde to black and its unique colour matching formula ensures Root Touch UP will match up with most permanent shades of leading hair colour brands.
RRP $11.99 from supermarkets and pharmacies. www.clairol.com.au

Try out…
If you prefer the natural method of hair drying, you’re going to love this new product from Lalisse. The Lalisse Super absorbent hair towel is up to 7 times more absorbent than cotton and can help dry hair up to six times faster than ordinary towels. It’s made out of natural fibres and are antibacterial and long lasting. It reduces hair damage by minimising the need for heat on the hair and is perfect for when you’re on the run and need to dry your hair quickly!
Stockists: 1800 338 008

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