Spring Home Decorating Tips

October 26, 2011

Still haven’t hung those pictures up? DIY expert Tara Dennis shows us how to rejuvenate our homes and decorate for spring, even if you’re renting.

1. Decorating can be hard when you’re renting. What are some ideas for damage-free decorating?

Renting can pose real decorating problems but I do suggest a quick and easy way to add personality to a room is by hanging framed pictures, photos or prints wherever possible. Renters often avoid this but it’s a savvy trick to help complete a room and also disguise a wall colour you possibly don’t like and can’t change. The best bet for hanging without damaging the walls is the Command range from 3M. Personally I love the Picture Hanging Strips, they simply stick onto the back of the frames and go directly onto the wall with no nails or screws needed. I love that they can be taken down without leaving a trace and there’s no risk of losing your bond due to damaged walls.

2. What are some ways to introduce spring and summer into your home after a dark winter?

Raise the blinds, clean the windows and add shots of colour with fabric, art and flowers. Cushions are easy to find and affordable. Just a few can lift an old sofa or make your bed look fresh and inviting. For the walls, try a little design magic by stapling a piece of bright printed fabric over a large canvas. Hang this and you can create a feature wall with big impact without having to paint.

3. Now that it’s spring and we’re entertaining more, what are some tips to make your house more inviting to guests?

Keep it tidy. No-one wants to see your clutter! Start at the front door, put away shoes, and hang bags and hats on neat hooks in the hall. Try the metallic range of hooks from 3M, they look very smart. In the lounge, tidy your remotes, magazines and books, and add a vase of fresh flowers. Always open windows and doors for a breeze.

4. What’s a quick tip to rejuvenate a boring bathroom?

Bleach and fresh towels! Keep your tiles and toot, squeaky clean, polish the mirror and hide the clutter. Invest in a smart laundry basket and some fluffy new towels. Add some art or a picture. People often forget the bathroom is a ‘room’ not just a cleaning zone. Make it a nice space to relax and spend time in.

5. What are the latest trends for displaying pictures and photos around the home?

Grouping is the best bet. Pictures will have far bigger impact when grouped together rather than being spread thinly around the house. Take a bunch of family photos and consider spray painting the frames so they match. Try black, white, silver or even red. Place Command Picture Hanging Strips from 3M on the backs of each and start with the centre picture and work your way out on all sides, spacing the frames. The result will be a casual and friendly arrangement – just make sure you use a small spirit level so they hang straight!

What’s your next home DIY project?

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