Spring Racing Skin + Beauty Tips From A French Beauty Expert

October 16, 2012

Having your skin, hair and nails looking flawless by the time the Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival starts is not difficult; it just requires a little planning. Follow this weekly plan from the French facialist, Christine Clais, and look fabulous on the field!


• Have a hair colour and cut
This gives you a chance to review and/or make any changes to your hair styling preferences
before the event. Don’t forget to bring along to the hairdresser’s your hair piece as your hair
style has to fit the hat or fascinator (and not the other way around!).

• Have a professional make up trial done
Make sure to bring along to the session a picture of your outfit, together with magazine shots of
make up styles that you like. Please note: if you are considering getting eyelash extensions, have
a trial at least six months beforehand, as I hear disastrous stories of women reacting to the glue
used – better safe than sorry!

• Get enough sleep
In order to function well, our bodies need about eight hours of sleep every night. The first visible
signs of sleep deprivation usually show as dark circles and bags under the eyes, as well as dull
or drawn looking skin. So, get lots of beauty sleep during the week!


• Exfoliate your entire body
This is to ensure a soft feel to your skin and an even tan colour, all contributing to a flawless
look. Choose a gentle scrub or soft bristle brush. Finish with the application of a body
moisturising cream.

• Have a professional facial treatment
Select a hydrating facial treatment with ad-ons such as LED or low-level laser modalities (this
will be sure to show off a healthy skin glow on those pictures!).


• Have a spray-on tan done. A professional fake tan is a great way to look bronzed and healthy.
Make sure to choose a subtle tan colour with no orange undertone (this is not a good look!).
The idea is to create a soft sun-kissed look and to appear as natural as possible.

• Have a professional manicure. OUT with long artificial acrylic nails and IN with healthy,
shorter, natural nails! Choose a gel type polish that is sure to last you the entire length of the
racing season and opt for a discreet colour lacquer that will not take the attention away from
your outfit!


• Start the day with a big glass of water

• Have a good breakfast

• Get dressed

• Have your hair styled

• Have your make-up done and on your way…

Enjoy, have fun and back a winner!

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